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Watch as Ange sets the record straight with Jane Lewis of BBC Scotland

Image for Watch as Ange sets the record straight with Jane Lewis of BBC Scotland

Ange Postecoglou was in no mood to play along with the ‘lucky Celtic’ narrative initiated by Robbie Neilson.

The Hearts boss had jumped on a marginal call for Kyogo Furuhashi’s goal that, even 24 hours later, hasn’t been conclusively proven either way.

Rather than ask Postecoglou some questions of her own Jane Lewis of BBC Scotland opted to relay the thoughts of Neilson to the Celtic boss. Ange was having none of it.

Since he arrived in Scotland six months ago the Australian has had a slightly uneasy relationship with the media.

He has been as courteous as possible but there have been some questions asked which said more of the questioner than they did of the Celtic manager.

After a convincing 2-0 win over Ferencvaros Alasdair Lamont of BBC Scotland wondered if Celtic had deserved the points. Ahead of facing Bayer Leverkusen someone wanted to know Ange’s thoughts on ticket allocations for a cup final four weeks away.

Lewis tried to keep the theme going but facing similar faces and contrived questions four or more times a week seems to be increasingly testing the patience of the Celtic manager.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Have been to aussie many times and ange is like many aussies stright talkers and will not take all this bull from the blue cheerleaders get into them ange..

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Well said Ange, don’t take this bullshit from biased BBC or biased MSM,you tell them mate it’s about time someone spoke up for Celtic football club ,but don’t hold your breath Ange for the board to back you up,I fear we will lose a good manager and a good man if our Tory board don’t back him in the January transfer market,and my fear is they will let him down ,I hope I’m wrong but history repeats itself especially with our Tory right wing unionist Sevco backing board.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Big Ange is brilliant ,tears them up for arse paper ,he is very well educated and very erudite when he speaks to our dumb fuckwit reporters or journalist’s ,he must think this is easy when confronted by BBC hunland,stv hunland ,sky hunland,he has learned very quickly how to deal with them,he is a clever shrewd man and uptill looking like a very good manager,HH

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Big Ange is brilliant at batting away all these loaded questions from the orange masonic British broadcasting corporation,he tore Jane Lewis up for arse paper ,this big Aussie is exactly what we expected when he was announced he is spot on ,I think his football credentials are spot on but his handling of the Scottish bigoted media ,ie BBC , Clyde ,sky,etc this guy could get a job doing anything ,he back foots these dumb journalists so easy, that tonight was brilliant did the ref change the game ?

    No !!! And don’t ask me again, Jane Lewis, you don’t understand,! Yes I do ,end of. Big Ange fears no one I just hope our board back him in everything he does as well as new recruits he needs but because I’m old I’m not totally convinced our board is in the same wavelength as Ange and the fans .

    I’m old enough to know how many times they’ve let us down,they have never speculated to accumulate in all these years for champions League,never mind to even beat Sevco who beat us last season but you would think ok just once let’s spend some money and we might get to champions League level but they have never even when Sevco were adrift ,so to cut a long story short I don’t expect any proper signings in January,maybe a couple of loanees,but I hope I’m wrong.

  • Brian says:

    Big ange nobody can put him down not even Tyson

  • John mcghee says:

    Ive got to laugh at some of our fans who know fine well what our board are like for spending money and yet do nothing about it bar moan on here why dont yous start protesting outside paradise and let these cunts on our board that us fans have had enough of there shite go on fans lets see yous eh.aye right

  • Brian Hugh Ferguson says:

    Ange just too intelligent for her and she won’t try that BS again.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Big Ange taking no sh**e from these hun clowns .

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