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BBC Scotland ditch shamed pundit

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Charlie Adam has been fined £2,000, banned from driving for a year and ditched as a pundit by BBC Scotland. 

The former Scotland star was at Dundee Sherriff Court today explaining why his £50,000 Audi Q7 ended up colliding with a tree at 4.30am. 

Adam has been a regular expert on Radio Scotland alongside Billy Dodds, Mark Hateley, Neil McCann and Richard Forster as well as putting in a few appearances on Sportscene with Steven Thompson. 

The Dundee skipper has been dishing out advise on all sorts of matters but in court today they heard how he put his own career at risk by driving at twice the legal limit after a late night in Dundee despite his family being based in Glasgow. 

The Sun reports: 

Mr Farmer (defence solicitor Steven) said Adam’s punditry work on the BBC had dried up since the incident and initially refused to give any details of the player’s income to the court. 

He said: “He has his main footballing salary and also does work on an ad hoc basis for the BBC as a football pundit. The punditry work has dried up at the moment. 

“He can certainly pay a significant fine. For commercial reasons he doesn’t wish to say what his salary is.” However, when pushed he told the court Adam earned £3,500 a week. 

Sheriff Brown fined Adam the equivalent of four days’ wages and gave him a month to pay the fine, along with a £75 court surcharge. 

Adam was out injured at the time of the incident but has recovered from colliding with Tony Ralston in November. Fortunately, other than the tree there were no casualties involved in the early morning collision. 

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  • paul McCann says:

    i cant figure out if he is a proper charlie or a silly billy

  • Justshatered says:

    I suppose we’ve got to be thankful that they actually reported jt.
    It’s the first bad news story linked to any of them for years.

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