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BBC Sport Merseyside undisclosed, BBC Sport Scotland £11.5m- Who is telling the truth about Patterson

Image for BBC Sport Merseyside undisclosed, BBC Sport Scotland £11.5m- Who is telling the truth about Patterson

BBC Scotland is at odds with their colleagues on Merseyside over the transfer of Nathan Patterson. 

Those closest to Everton are going with the undisclosed fee for the Murray Park starlet while the Glasgow branch are using the £11.5m line. 

BBC Sport Scotland provide expert analysis with Charlie Adam, Chris Burke, Steven Thompson, Billy Dodds, Mark Hateley, Richard Forster, Shelley Kerr, Neil McCann and others. Kenny MacIntyre, Tom English and Alasdair Lamont are on the pay-roll. 

Since August 2015 they have been in a stand-off with the Ibrox club over a report that fans were ejected from a match for anti-Catholic singing. 

The exact details of transfers are very rarely revealed at the time of the deal, both clubs have different agendas relating to how much has been spent- one to talk up and one to talk down. 

Audited accounts are a different matter, when the Ibrox accounts for the year to 30 June 2022 BBC Scotland can expect to see at least an £11.5m increase in turnover with player trading given a separate section, so far this year no transfer fees have been paid out by the Ibrox club. 

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    I said yesterday the media don’t know what the bigots got for him likley half what is printed can you really believe a club will pay £12 million for a player who can’t get a game at his club I don’t think he has played 20 games in 2 seasons thats including Scotland games but Everton are in a bad way at present but do you go for a inexperience player to get you out of your trouble and paying that fee which is quoted but epl clubs do pay over valued players so 12 mill not a big deal down here.

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    On the Bluenose Broadcasting Cabal it’s all sunshine and rainbows over Ibrox. Doesn’t matter to the Bluenose Broadcasting Cabal that they’ve been banned from Ibrox since 2015 no chance of a bad story being broadcast about Sevco. No matter how often Sevco slap them up the beak Bluenose Broadcasting Cabal can’t get enough. A truly abusive set up.

  • Cairncross says:

    Good authority stated £3 m with add ons (just like BBC Sevco Scotland’s £11.5m LoL and Sky Sevco Sports £16m Lol LoL)

    They need a whole lot more with whats coming down the pike and what they already owe.

  • John S says:

    Just move the decimal point. £1.15M

  • Stephen says:

    Who to believe the BBC or the BBC.
    Don’t pay don’t watch don’t listen.
    Thats the best option for their bigoted output.

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