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I thought that I made it very clear- Ange brilliantly spells it out for Radio Clyde reporter

Image for I thought that I made it very clear- Ange brilliantly spells it out for Radio Clyde reporter

Ange Postecoglou is taking the line of questioning from the Scottish media in his stride. 

So far in the January transfer window Celtic have signed four first team contenders with only Johnny Kenny falling into the project category, no first team players have left. 

There are still a variety of Lawwell legacy issues to deal with but Postecoglou has made it clear that Boli Bolingoli, Vasilis Barkas and Albian Ajeti are for emergency use only- none of that trio have been involved in any of the three matches Celtic have played since the turn of the year. 

Unusually for Celtic the final couple of days of the transfer window look like being fairly quiet with more focus on two home matches in the SPFL Premiership than the comings and goings of the dressing room.  

After a frantic summer transfer window Postecoglou has got his work done early but that didn’t prevent Gabriel Antoniazzi from nibbling away for a transfer scrap with the Celtic boss smiling straight back at the questions being asked. 


4 minutes 30 seconds 

Gabriel Antoniazzi: Sorry Ange, just going back to transfers, you do expect, one or two, maybe more to leave on loan. Would that mean that if you have a few going out you would bring someone in or are you happy with who you have brought in even with a few going out the door. 

AP: I thought that I was pretty clear (Ange smiles in reply) 

GA: So, no more business at all even if a few go out the door then 

AP: I thought that I was pretty clear (Ange smiles again)

GA: OK, thank you. 

That look very much like no more additions! 

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  • Eddy says:

    Either,Ange is speaking from the Planet Zog,or these fools are tone Deaf.Why..bother speaking to the pricks

  • John S says:

    Och, at least the bloke was trying to find something out, even if the information was already at his disposal. A novel concept for Scottish ‘journalism’.

  • paul McCann says:

    the one thing you can say is that he isnt the angel gabriel

  • John mcghee says:

    Why doesn’t that journalists go over to liebrox and ask them the right questions our are they scared to ask them incase they get tossed out the door and banned for cheating liebrox eh scum journalists in scotland..RATS

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Totally correct john ! Spot on make me sick then you see clown like peter and hugh pretending it’s all banter a couple uncle tim apologists them two a disgrace to their culture put simply absoulute shitbags

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Excuse my lack of punctuation there, just vented that out there! Dont know how those two can go to bed at night, must be like in ” panto” being so called ” jouralists” for they brown nosing clowns

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Being in ” panto”” Hail Hail league coming home!

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