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No thanks- FIFA snub for Collum, Madden, Beaton, Walsh and Robertson

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Willie Collum, Bobby Madden, Nick Walsh, John Beaton and Don Robertson will miss out on a lucrative month long jolly at the World Cup Finals in Qatar. 

Twenty European referees recently attended a four day seminar in Abu Dhabi to prepare for the finals but there was no one there from the elite Glasgow or Lanarkshire referee associations. 

Selecting one referee would allow others to tag along as assistants and fourth officials but it seems that FIFA don’t have the same respect for Scotland’s referees as Ian Bankier. 

Collum was chosen to referee at the 2016 European Championships in France, after being in charge of one match he was among the first batch of officials sent home, known in the trade as doing a Scotland. 

The Sun reports: 

Scotland’s referees are set for more World Cup heartbreak after being snubbed by Fifa. Global bosses gathered top officials from around the world for a four-day seminar in Abu Dhabi. 

But while 20 European refs attended, Scotland’s top whistler Willie Collum was not among them. The seminar is crucial in the build-up to Qatar 2022, with just ten Euro ref spots available. 

Last summer Hampden hosted four matches at the European Championships but no Scottish referees were involved at any level. 

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  • Charles says:

    How do you expect Collum to be at a World Cup when his own bosses in Scotland won’t send him to Ibrox. Since Gerrard went greeting like the wee 7yr old kid he was Collum has only refereed 2 or 3 games there in 3 seasons. SURELY someone has to ask the question WHY. FIFA. Aren’t daft although some think different. Beaton just sent a guy off in Europe this year in the first minute of a game.

  • George Chalmers says:

    Thats because they are all crap

    • Joe says:

      SEVCO and the Scottish footballing hierarchy desperation to protect them are slowly killing the game in Scotland.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Fuck the masonic hand doesn’t reach as far as they thought. HH

  • Tony B says:

    No surprise there then. Why would you appoint referees that don’t understand or apply the laws of the game, and who demonstrably endanger players’ health, well being and playing careers by ignoring or sanctioning serious foul play?

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    Surprise! Surprise!

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    3rd rate refs and thats being kind and plus corrupt and that includes the sfa spl and most football clubs in backward scottish football the whole system in Scotland stinks of corruption and that includes celtic res12.

    • John mcghee says:

      Spot on mate celtic are involved aswell big peter tossed 10inarow away for the blue pound Tory bastards.

  • Jimmy says:

    Could they bring some of those 20 European referees to replace our muck?

  • John mcghee says:

    Well that just shows everyone in Scottish football that our officials are rotting and whistle for 1 club The ranjurs 2012 so its about time all clubs vote these refs out of our game before they kill some player with there bad decisions scumbags collum.beaton.walsh.roberston.mclean.madden.dallas. masonic fuckpigs.

  • C.McC says:

    Do you blame them ?????

  • Peter mcmurray says:

    These referees are biased and are rangers fans and teams that play rangers are discriminate against rangers in the last two years have had more penalties than any team in BRITAIN and madden beaton dallas are responsible for most i do belive there biased bitter referees and should never referee a celtic rangers match

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