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Really Embarrassing- Good guy McCoist loses the plot with smiling Broony

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Scott Brown’s actions at Pittodrie on Teuesday night were really embarrassing according to Ally McCoist. 

The former Question of Sport skipper was known for playing the game with a smile on his face, always ready with a laugh or joke to live up to his cheeky chappie image. 

Brown haunted McCoist and others at Ibrox for more than a decade as he lead Celtic to the greatest period of success that the Scottish game has ever known. As a manager from 2011 to 2014 McCoist won hee-haw before opting for a short career in the garden. 

On Wednesday morning the TalkSPORT co-host was hurting too much to discuss the draw at Pittodrie but this morning he managed to find someone to deflect attention away from the failings of the Ibrox squad and new boss Giovanni van Bronckhorst. 

Listening in, The Sun reports McCoist saying: 

It was that obvious the two of them were doing the Gay Gordons, skipping off that park, the referee and Broony. It was absolutely embarrassing, it really was. Ryan Kent got sent off for two bookings and neither of them were bookings, there you are. 

Tuesday’s 1-1 draw was the first time in nine domestic matches that the Ibrox side has dropped points, the blame game that has followed has been spectacular. 

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    How does this person get a gig on numerous outlets? Really Really is his only contribution to proceedings. HH

  • Charlie dee says:

    Your absolutely , absolutely, right man absolutely right you are absolutely right about Broony and Clancy absolutely the only word he knows absolutely.

  • John mcghee says:

    Sally is a sad loser the guy is just a bitter zombie fuckpig this guy and walter ebt smith cheated for years plus there 9inarow was won usuing sideletters and ebt thats afact the corrupt sfa.spfl only took the ebt back to 2001 incase the liquidated ranjurs losed there cheating titles but its masonic scotland we live in that were that cheating club were never punished for there crimes our payed there debts they left behide but newco sevco claimed there cheating titles thats how embarrassing that new club is they dont care and masonic sfa spfl are scared to touch them.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    blowtorch and neck always spring to mind when i see this chancers name. hes on the payroll of a radio station called talksport and because a result of a game does not go the way he wanted he refuses to talk about it ?. i will repeat that it is the sports media who give sevco cheerleaders a platform who absolutely absolutely need called out.

  • Tony B says:

    Absholutely! It’sh no fair. And that’sh all I have to shay on ra matter, sho it is!

    • Tam c says:

      Ally Ally Ally there is history between Kent and broony ,Kent punched Brown and Brown laughed at Kent and you Ally picked up on Brown’s “terrible” actions well well well

      • Finbar muldoon says:

        Why was Alistair allowed to get away with this shite? He’s on this show to give an opinion. If he refuses to give an opinion, he should be given his jotters. HH

  • Derek says:

    Did Kent push Hayes in front of the ref ,yes , of course it’s a booking ,after brown clears the ball does Kent hit Browns foot , yes , minimal but contact second yellow get af Kent ,McCoist your a tit

  • Joeshug says:

    Super Sally Ally you are a FUD!!! Looking through RED WHITE AND BLUE LOVE GOGGLES IDIOT!!!!

  • Seppington says:

    How would that fat twat know if they were bookings? I doubt he could see the match for the blur of his hands rapidly shoving sweets into his fat face. Nae wonder the ersewipe got veneers, covering up those sugar-destroyed chompers!

    From Sue Barker’s heart-throb to an irrelevant fud with a throbbing heart problem…what a fud.

  • John S says:

    What did McCoist say to Lennon ? Who were the gamblers on his ‘I have the paper’ ? How much was he remunerated on his managerial stint and did he ever receive an illegal payment ?

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Fat Wanker.. Nuff Said!! The Thik as Fuk English lap this Cunt up but he’s a Fukin Cheating Monkey Hun Bastard!!

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