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Referee Don Robertson has previous for shocking Ideguchi decision

Image for Referee Don Robertson has previous for shocking Ideguchi decision

Celtic fans were shocked but hardly surprised when Yosuke Guchi’s Scottish Cup debut lasted just over an hour at Alloa last night. 

Collecting the ball halfway inside his own half the midfielder was fouled from behind by Mo Niang who followed through to ensure maximum damage. 

What happened next is the most concerning aspect. Referee Don Robertson decided that the Alloa midfielder should be yellow carded, allowed to stay on the park, free to injure any other opponents. 

Robertson has previous, as recently as last month with an incident even worse than the shocker on Guchi. 

With Celtic in full flow and leading 2-0 Dundee United substitute hammered through David Turnbull at full speed. Thankfully the midfielder partly anticipated the attack but his lower leg still felt the full force of Butcher. 

Robertson had a clear view of the incident, decided that it was only a booking with Butcher able to play on. Retrospectively the SFA suspended the Tannadice man for three matches which was of no use to Celtic or Turnbull. 

Back in August St Mirren’s Alan Power was given a straight red card for a first half attack on Turnbull but that is very much the exception. As Robertson has demonstrated almost anything goes when you attack as Celtic player, a red card is highly unlikely. 

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  • John mcghee says:

    See once the game is finished refs like him madden dallas mclean walsh collum clancy should be fucking stoned i hate the cheating corrupt bastards because our board do fuck all theirs more injury to come starting on Wednesday night then dundee utd and the scum our refs are a disgrace honest.

  • Frankie pearson says:

    If the scum over the road call out the sfa about refs it’s about time our board got a backbone had a go at the corrupt lot that runs Scottish football with video evidence about all these criminal assaults.

  • SSMPM says:

    This is just one of the ways the refs are allowed to have a negative influence when they’re in charge of our games. There is no even handed approach, its anti football at best and anti Celtic generally. Robertson is a two bob joke and should be sanctioned, he will end careers allowing assaults like that.
    Do that to a hun, the player walks. We challenge like that, our player walks. Blow our nose and we’re in the book for a yellow, the equivalent of their yellow for assault.
    Assault(Sport)scene’s Dick Foster is a disgrace and should not be allowed on telly but he does the hun followers bidding offering his Rae like analysis proposing these assaults on Celtic players are legit. he was a shite slouch player and he’s a shite couch commentator. HH

  • Stephen says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that there was a plan to go out and injure as many Celtic players as possible. Barry (the wee petulant hun) Ferguson told his players to do it.

    A premeditated tactic to sideline as many Celtic players before the Glasgow derby as possible, because let’s face it his Mickey mouse team from one of the diddy leagues had no chance of taking anything else from the game. He told them to do it and he told them that they would get away with it. Scottish football is run by and full of bitter bigoted knuckle draggers at every level.

    The transformation at Celtic under Ange has then shitting themselves and true to form these cowards ramp up the cheating and try to derail us any way they can.

    All their achievements are tainted by cheating. That being said they have only managed 1 SPL trophy in their 10 year history. Welcome to Scottish football Ange. Stay strong and let’s give them a nice 10th Birthday present by destroying them on 2nd February.

  • John says:

    Belfast without the guns!

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