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Time to complain? Veteran journalist calls out Celtic board

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Brian McNally has posed the question if it is now the time for Celtic to speak out about the lack of protection offered to their employees. 

Coming back from Alloa tonight Ange Postecoglou has to contend with injury reports on Callum McGregor, Liel Abada and Yosuke Guchi. Don Robertson also turned a blind eye to a nasty attack on Stephen Welsh from Conor Sammon. 

Back in November Celtic chairman Ian Bankier admitted to deep concerns about Scottish referees, that was in response to the booking of Cameron Carter-Vickers after he was kicked twice while grounded by Chris Kane of St Johnstone. The same referee, Nick Walsh was awarded the League Cup semi-final between the same two clubs a month later. 

Ange Postecoglou has taken a stance of refusing to comment on or criticise referees regardless of what happens to his players.  That stance seems highly unusual, and on tonight’s evidence costly. 

It seems that the injury toll is never ending, equally there seems to be no signs of concern inside the Celtic hierarchy.

McNally was a senior sports reporter for the Sunday Mirror.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Look who the manager is tax dodging Barry the bigot .

    • Joseph Daly says:

      The board have to lodge some sort of compaint though as we do not get any kind of protection from referees during a game.

      I know Ange does not want us not get invovlved in stuff like that but we need the board to look after our players in these situations

  • Tony B says:

    Celtic Football Club like any other organisation has a duty of care to its employees.

    In failing to address these attacks on players, which seem to be happening on a weekly basis, it is in dereliction of its duty.

    Any employee would be justified in withdrawing his labour under such circumstances.

    Moreover, the manager must step up and highlight the thuggery to which his charges are constantly subject.

    Get this addressed as a matter of urgency Celtic.

  • Des Haggerty says:

    Definitely, poor on .needs sorting ASAP

  • Joseph Daly says:

    The Calmac collision was accidental. 2 players going for a header and Calmac headerd his shoulder.
    Abada’s was unfortunate accident but Guchi’s was a red card. He wins the ball but is out of control and high

  • Seppington says:

    If the SFA are prepared to “have discussions” with the scum over their loony dossier they couldn’t possibly ignore the continued non-punishment of the brutalisation of our players.
    When we have a league that has a club with a supporter’s bus named after a current referee there’s obviously a problem.
    When said referee is photographed drinking in one of said club’s supporters’ pubs after a match there’s obviously a problem.
    When said referee shows continued bias in favour of said club to the point that “Penalty to Rangers” (sic) becomes an internet meme that is spread by fans of every other club…there’s obviously a problem.

    And we all know he’s just one example, from a group that includes at least (presumably) former Ibrox season ticket holder…

    “Oh but it just honest mistakes, these are decent guys trying to do a hard job!” you’ll hear them cry, and maybe they are right. But if those men’s jobs were something like Air Traffic Controller and they made as many “honest mistakes” do you not think they would be fired pretty damned quick?

    At what point do “honest mistakes” become “utter incomptence” in the eyes of the SFA? It feels like it never will, because it’s been plain to see for as long as I have lived that the SFA share the same agenda. Celtic should put together our own dossier and challenge the SFA to do something about it. If they don’t (and they won’t), it’s time for the club to go very loudly public and to UEFA/FIFA. These old fuds in blazers need removed as much as the corrupt brethren, or this will never ever change…

  • Eddie says:

    As usual,it will be the Celtic supporters who defend our club not the gutless crowd who take a salary out the club,but wouldn’t dream to speak up when our players are being assaulted in every game and being allowed to.

  • John mcghee says:

    The celtic board will do f**k all as usual its us celtic fans that will have to do something about it i said before the game started yesterday that our players would get injured in this game because of who is the manager and assistant plus Dom Robertson should never ref another celtic game and if he does then the fans should do something about it because our cowards on the board wont thats why our players are getting injured cause the derby is coming up so expect more injuries the corrupt sfa, spfl at hampden should get smashed up dirty rats cheats

  • Malcybhoy says:

    At the left hand of PL in the picture is the Celtic Board’s own veteran journalist. We would expect him to be beating the mirror to such a conclusion? Trouble is, he seems to have caught the pl bug and sees the need for sevco to be safeguarded. Not what fans expect of our board?

  • SSMPM says:

    Barry F. I’m sure sent his warriors out with the message to leave one on them as he would’ve and he looked very pleased at the end to have served the rangers cause well. After all history shows these tackles and assaults are acceptable against us.
    It wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to put together a video collage of these tackles and send to the SFA , EUFA highlighting our concerns about a clear pattern of potential career damaging, yellow carded at best, tackles and the clear SFA bias. Anytime Ryan P. challenges a hun, he’s off and for far less than our video could highlight. HH

  • Stephen says:

    I know the board and Ange will not want to be seen as whinge-ing or making excuses. We all know that we have to beat the system, the establishment even more than just winning on the park.

    Surely this time there is a case for retrospective disciplinary action, and surely there’s a case for not allowing the Hun in black robertson near another Celtic game as well as a few of his “colleagues”.

    Anyway let’s see how many more Celtic players get injured by unpunished serious assault before Madden the season ticket holding Hun takes charge of the Glasgow derby.

    The whole history of the ibrox club even the current 10 year old one is shameful just like the british establishment they vehemently pledge allegiance to.

    Happy 10th birthday you lying, cheating, bigoted scum. CELTIC are coming for you and can see the fear in your eye and your actions.

  • paul clancy says:

    Kelly and mc cann took on the sfa and won.now its time for the present board to grow a set and take the bigoted sfa on.

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