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‘Ange’s team of workmen’ ‘None would get in Rangers Starting XI’ Ibrox fan Del is near to breaking point on SSB

Image for ‘Ange’s team of workmen’ ‘None would get in Rangers Starting XI’ Ibrox fan Del is near to breaking point on SSB

After yesterday’s results Super Scoreboard on Radio Clyde tonight was essential listening for Celtic fans. 

Unfortunately Alex Rae and Hugh Keevins weren’t on the show but as ever the value is in listening to the howling from Ibrox fans.  Tonight Del from Stirling was in top form, full on denial.

A month ago Gio was an upgrade on Mister Gerrard but a nine point swing at the top of the SPFL has tortured the thinking of many Ibrox fans. 

Is Gio actually a dud? Are last season’s heroes really honking, or, are Selik really hoachin’ and enjoying every bit of good luck possible with the help of their favourite referees? 

Rather than face up to the reality of the first two options it is much safer to savage the Celtic team even if they took Sevco apart just 19 das ago. 

Across the nation Celtic fans were laughing away knowing that their favourite Twitter account would soon be relaying Del’s agony and denial.  

I believe that Celtic are full of workmen, limited ability

I’ve never seen a team full of workmen win a league title, have you Kenny?

I think that it is down to fitness levels rather than ability

I don’t believe that any Celtic player gets into the Rangers starting XI, I genuinely don’t.

For the remainder of the show Kenny Miller, Mark Wilson and Gordon Duncan shared gags about workmen.

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  • Frankie Pearson says:

    All Celtic FOOTBALL PLAYERS would not lower themselves far to good.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Has wee shug went into hiding? He’ll have to surface eventually. HH

  • Seppington says:

    “I’ve never seen a team full of workmen win a league title…”

    Was this fud not paying attention last season?

    He’s sort of right though, none of our players would get into their XI….because they clearly haven’t a clue what a good player looks like. But that’s fine, we’ll just keep buying “workmen” at bargain prices that will win us the league whilst they squander millions on “kwaliteh plerrs” that will play about 5 mins and cost £££££££££££££££££££££££££££.


  • John mcghee says:

    Celtic players wouldn’t get into the newco sevco team he’s spot on i dont think any of the players in the celtic team would leave celtic and paradise to go over to a club that died in 2012 and kids on there still ranjurs with 55 cheating titles plus the newco are up to there necks in debts just like oldco so if the green and white won the league we all wonder what the corrupt sfa.spfl will do and wonder if they make up new rules to try and save sevco wee cumpany sevco scotland 5088 i really hope the title goes to paradise and see their scum faces full of tears like 2012 all over again eh..COME ON CELTIC JUST KEEP WINNING AND TAKE IT 1 GAME AT A TIME GET THE 3 POINTS AND NO MASONIC OFFICIALS CAN STOP US..HAIL HAIL TO THE CELTIC FAMILY..

  • Guchi Boy says:

    We’re full ae workmen, they’re Full ae Cripples like Ramsey & Rae lol! Throw in Greetin Faced El Fat Bastardio & £40M Hariboo & av nae idea why they’re no tap ae the League BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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