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‘He was a disgrace’ ‘Free reign on our players’ ‘Decisions against GG were shocking’ Celtic fans call out John Beaton

Image for ‘He was a disgrace’ ‘Free reign on our players’ ‘Decisions against GG were shocking’ Celtic fans call out John Beaton

Even while enjoying an emphatic 4-0 win at the side fourth in the Premiership table Celtic fans had plenty to say about the performance of John Beaton. 

The Lanarkshire based referee had a short journey to Fir Park but seemed reluctant to apply the laws of the game fairly to both teams. 

Giorgos Giakoumakis was regularly man-handled with next to no protection from the referee, in one first half incident Bevis Mugabe had both hands grabbing the striker’s shirt with a free-kick awarded to Motherwell and Giakoumakis spoken to by the referee. 

The main incident of contention occurred shortly before half-time when Liel Abada sent a close range overhead kick into the net from an offside position. 

Disallowing the goal was the correct decision but before Abada struck the ball Jake Carroll had raised his arm to prevent a Tom Rogic shot from finding the net. No penalty was awarded.

The handball had occurred a second or two before Abada netted, for some reason the match referee and his assistant both failed to notice it. 

In a match in which Celtic had 70% possession each side had a player booked in the first 80 minutes, in the last 10 Mugabi and Liam Donnelly were booked from the home side. 

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  • Stev says:

    The guys a twat. It disnae change.
    See the cousins left hauf there team oot the day. Another shower of scumbags.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Celts 12-1 v diddies since New Year. huns 10-7 v diddies since New Year. HH

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Usual then ??

  • Jack says:

    Man is a Mason and drinks in non celtic pub must be local
    hero hes a cheat but will not stop celtic this time the eyes are on him after last two seasons

  • Stephen says:

    This is what happens when you have a Old Firm supporting Tory board running our club.

  • Jack says:

    Cant believe Beaton sfa don’t look into refereeing of of celtic games stone wall penalty refused again do the sfa Bury there head don’t they know it looks bad on them rather rover’s fiasco should not happen any professional person been found quilty of a serius assault or seal assault should be banned

  • Stewart says:

    It’s been this way all season not just with brother b but nearly if not all the refs we’ve had,, players getting rough housed pundits and comentators givin bot of good old fashioned tackles,, and it’s going to continue,, the last 2 games have worked out well kill teams off in 40 odd mins of game and let the come out and chase,, we can pick and choose what priorities need addressing,, cutting out honest mistakes injuries,, we top now we don’t need too chase we set the pace,

  • John mcghee says:

    Listen the men in black will try their best to help the newco sevco get there hands on the title dont worry about that theirs 13 games left to play and the masonic officials will get most of the celtic games madden.beaton.clancy.walsh.dallas.robertson will get them to try and make us drop points just watch this run in plenty of honest mistakes on tv.and not one punit will talk about it..scottish football is corrupt to fuck and the media say nothing.

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