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Passive- Willie Miller at odds as Aberdeen cry foul

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Willie Miller could easily have gone with the flow of Aberdeen players and fans about Celtic’s winning goal tonight at Pittodrie. 

Scott Brown led the complaints to Willie Collum after Jota had restored Celtic’s lead just a minute after Lewis Ferguson had equalised. 

Liel Abad had come out of the penalty box as his team-mate advanced onto a through ball before striking a shot off the turf and beyond Gary Woods into the net. 

The Israeli winger may have been in an offside position but he wasn’t in the eyeline of the goalkeeper which seems to be the current determining factor in deciding about interfering with play. 

In the after-match reaction on the BBC Scotland website Miller says: 

Abada is passive and that’s why I didn’t think it was a shout for offside 

Both managers, from fairly similar positions saw the incident differently. Ange Postecoglou was unable to give an opinion from ground level 30 yards away. 

Stephen Glass seemed to be hedging his bets when he suggested that if it wasn’t offside his defender had been blocked by Abada. 

Speaking to BBC Scotland the Aberdeen boss said: 

From the side, Liel Abada blocks [David] Bates, that stops him defending. I think he’s offside as he does it. Even if he’s not he’s still blocking a player. We continually get done for blocks even when they don’t happen. 

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  • harold shand says:

    This is all you’ll get for days ,,


    That clown that dresses like a wee laddie on Sportscene


    A couple of ex Celtic players ( Probably Commons or Nicholas )

    A retired ref from down south wheeled out by the Daily Record

    All screaming OFFSIDE

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    3 points lovely .

  • Joe says:

    While it’s understandable that Glass is livid, tge fact is the goal was a perfectly good and legitimate one.
    Glass is livid at his team for their very costly lapse in concentration so soon after drawing level.
    Make no mistake, there was zero reason to disallow the goal. But Glass knows his jacket is on a loose hook right now so will reach out to blame anything except his team.
    Had Aberdeen retained focus for another few minutes they were in line to take all three points, so yeah, Glass has every right to be mad. But managers need to stop embarrassing themselves every time the lose.
    Hopefully Celtic learn from this too!

    • Hugh Burns says:

      Yes , on e again the camera’s are at the Wee Willie Winkie show!! Collum is an idiot of a ref.!! He just loves being the idiot in front of the camera.! He shows himself up every game that’s on the Tele, not just. Celtic games. But every game.! What a balloon of a man!..But we came away, rightly so, with the three points!. And as for VAR?. No chance as sevco would lose at least fifteen points every season, therefore the SFA, will not sanction it as they are deeply rooted n at brokers.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Broony blocked Starfelt for one of their goals stopping him from defending…whats the difference?
    Oh aye a forgot, we canny win a game without there bein a reason we won and no ones interested in Celtic hard luck stories…silly me

  • Tony B says:

    Should have been 3 – 0 at half time since Jota’s perfectly good goal was chalked off for no good reason.

    The true score should have been 4-1.

    No chance of the wooly ones coming back from that.

    A nothing controversy.

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