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Toxic- ‘Rangers’ shares wiped off largest European platform exchange

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Shares in The Rangers International Football Club (Sevco 5088) can no longer be traded through JP Jenkins. 

Last week Stewart Robertson was explaining to Sky Sports how the club would be sustainable this season with no questions asked to challenge that claim or what sustainable looks like. 

With shares in a constant cycle of being diluted there is no real market for anyone to buy and sell shares with JP Jenkins no longer prepared to offer that service to stockbrokers. 

As soon as Dave King took over they were booted off the Alternative Investment Market with no Nominated Adviser wanting to be associated with the South African ‘businessman’ 

Even the Daily Record were forced to admit the gravity of that move, on April 2 Keith Jackson reported: 

RANGERS have been kicked off the stock exchange after failing to secure the services of a new nominated advisor. 

The delisting of the company from the Alternative Investment Market has been formally announced in a statement released to the city this afternoon. 

It comes after talks with a potential new nomad broke down and it’s understood this collapse came after bosses from AIM – having already suspended trading in RIFC shares – made it clear they intended to wash their hands of the club after two years of unrelenting boardroom chaos. 

There is no real trading in shares, with the club constantly providing new shares in return for loans or services anyone wanting to buy shares can simply go and effectively make a direct donation to the club. 

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  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Maybe they could get the kids from africa to sing a song for them and call it ( do they know their deluded at all ). HH

  • Dora says:

    Maybe sevco should utilise their space better…they could turn their ground into a bingo hall every evening and that would generate some cash flow

  • Derek says:

    No doubt they will b looking for a new train driver before it all comes crashing down AGAIN ,no shame leads to no money no club , bye sevco gd riddens

  • andrew mcdowall says:

    The poor fans will have to pay for a bit of paper that is worthless it looks like they may be going under again but if they do what name will they use next time this is getting a joke everyone is laughing at them & they can’t see that they are the joke of Scotland ???????

  • Charlie dee says:

    It’ll not be Sevco but Gottagoco the quicker the better.

  • Jock says:


  • scouse bhoy says:

    it is all the other clubs and authorities who are the joke not sevco. they are just doing what they always do sticking two fingers up to the rules knowing full well nothing will be done. by the way they cannot go under again it would be a first for the newco.

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