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Under pressure Van Bronckhorst reaches for the VAR button

Image for Under pressure Van Bronckhorst reaches for the VAR button

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has blamed the lack of VAR for his side’s failure to beat Motherwell. 

After draws at Aberdeen and Dundee United the Dutchman refused to take the easy option of blaming match officials for his side shipping points. 

Now with his side booed off the park by the 10,000 fans that hung around for the final whistle at today’s game he is changing his tune. 

Some elements of the Ibrox support believe that honest mistakes account for a 25 point swing in points this season with Don Robertson today’s fall guy. 

Media partners STV report van Bronckhorst saying: 

We got three minutes extra time, which for me was unbelievable. Again it is the refs that decide it. 

I think with the build-up to the second goal, the player (Shaw) was offside and we scored two goals which were even closer with Morelos.

You couldn’t see it with your eye and they got that really sharp eye in those moments but when one player is one yard offside they didn’t see it. That is why you need VAR, for these moments to help referees. With VAR, we would have won this game. 

Willie Collum will referee Wednesday’s match away to St Johnstone, his second Sevco fixture in under a month. 

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol Gio Fanny Van Drosshurst is away home tonight to watch his favourite TV programme Only An Excuse.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol I see on FF that they asking fans to boycott ibrox in protest at the refs and are asking the klub or board to get in touch with the SFA to resolve all the bad decisions from refs against sevco this season.
    Oh dear.

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