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BARMAGEDDON! Ibrox fan despairs over Glasgow’s growing list of Green and White pubs

Image for BARMAGEDDON! Ibrox fan despairs over Glasgow’s growing list of Green and White pubs

One loyal bear was plunged into despair as he took a stroll around Glasgow city centre. 

Naturally he had to share his findings with his fellow moon-howlers on Follow Follow. 

A week before St Patrick’s Day BillyBoyo1872 discovered that around the Merchant City and elsewhere there is a growing number of Irish pubs. 

St Vincent’s was the trail blazer around 2015, it failed to survive Lockdown but did pave the way for genuine Irish/Celtic pubs across the city other than the generic O’Neill’s which is a brand and bland. 

The Gallowgate used to end at The Tolbooth Bar where Karl Byrne provides the weekend tunes and entertainment, now the city is rapidly turning green with Grace’s in the Merchant City followed by Murphy’s Connolly’s and no doubt many more. 

Glasgow has long been described as The Dear Green Place, these days it seems that the green pound is far mightier than the tarnished blue version. 

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  • Allaboutceltic says:

    Glasgow IS Green & White??

    Will need to build more as their grand weans will be Celtic supporters?????

  • Thomas Daley says:

    Brilliant, bloody brilliant, made my day reading this, here in retirement, Thailand.

  • John mcghee says:

    Just shows you what these fuckpigs get up tae so if any pubs get attack we no who to look for and who started it scun fans of sevco 5088 scum 2nd club.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    I went to a pub in Dublin. Nobody would talk to me, the beer was flat and every time I was there they’d just stopped serving food.

    Turned out to be an English Theme Pub!

    I’ll get my coat!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Brilliant, he shoulda listed them and made life easier for Tims, typical, thick currant.
    Cheers Joe

  • Daniel O'Neill says:

    Tell him to walk through on glasgow derby day

  • Kev Okine says:

    And don’t forget. The famous Jinty McGuintys on Ashton Lane has its grand re opening after nearly 2 years under Covid next week 16th March.
    Happy St Patrick’s season everyone ?

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