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‘Disgusting, no morals’ ‘Shameless’ ‘A board like no other’ Bankier and Nicholson get the message for their Sydney Cup love-in

Image for ‘Disgusting, no morals’ ‘Shameless’ ‘A board like no other’ Bankier and Nicholson get the message for their Sydney Cup love-in

Fourteen days after announcing Ange’s Homecoming Tour Celtic have finally admitted that they will play their city business partners in the Sydney Super Cup. 

After seven gushing paragraphs about playing Sydney FC the club confirmed that they will play a Glasgow Derby on November 20. Tickets for the match went on sale earlier on Tuesday with security concerns being raised about the two sets of fans sharing a city for the best part of a week. 

Many Celtic fans have suspected that the club hierarchy have sympathy and support for any club at Ibrox with the Sydney Super Cup rubber-stamping that view. 

In 2011 Peter Lawwell kept quiet about the UEFA licence issued by the SFA to a club that had an overdue tax bill of £2.8m dating back a decade to the disguised remuneration given to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald de Boer. Within a year Rangers went into administration followed by liquidation.

A year later the former Celtic CEO allowed the Five Way Agreement to pass without any comment or actions as the SFA began the process of pretending that a club formed by Charles Green and Mike Ashley had been around for 140 years. 

Since then Celtic have been hostages to a number of baffling decisions from the football authorities. Last season they lost the SPFL title to a club that took their losses to over £100m in 10 years with a £23.5m loss pushing Celtic into the non-champions route to the Champions League. 

With Douglas Park a director at Ibrox since March 2015 Celtic promote his company with travel to every home and away match. 

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Why all the bitching you all buy season books merchandise from the Celtic shop year in year out and continue to line the pockets of those in charge,a don’t blame the board they are clever and know how to play the fans just like the sevco board do.

    Both sets of fans get CHISELED every year hence the Tetley Sydney tea cup competition for later in the year.

    Both sets of fans are treated like mugs and get walked all over,so until they stop showing up at games buying season tickets etc then it will remain the Status Quo until they are gone from Both clubs.

  • Dinger says:

    Low lie the fields of athenry remember this lot we’re going to play a friendly with who waves a Union Jack sent us over there in prison ships

  • Rianaldo says:

    Celtic supporters could threaten to boycott the semi final !!!

  • Sam mc says:

    Absolutely disgraceful. As patrons of celtic fc it’s ashamed you should be. You are a board like no other. Every celtic fan should boycott this tournament. You have brought disgrace on our manager and players with this decision. Today you have branded us with the same brush as them a cross the city?

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Both clubs have skelpt their fans for decades the old firm business plan must continue no matter what fans think of each other its business money number 1,fans only number 1 come season ticket time we get the bull$hit as soon as sales are in money number 1 will only change if you the fans stop buying in to the bull$hit from the board its all in the fans hands but also we need revenue and if we get millions playing in aussie against the bigots don’t see the problem.

  • William Mccann says:

    Absolutely shamless, to play and enrich a club that has no morals openly anti catholic anti irish anti muslum anti anyone that is not anti what they are anti, also total refusal to pay their debts and still do so in the present time, to have any assosiation with an entity of that sort is to condon all their wrongdoing, what an ambarassment to the great name of celtic and its supporters, the board should do the one honourable deed to fall on your swords and resign, if not you prove that you have no dignety or self esteem and should be removed,

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