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Sky Sports reporter confirms Ibrox kit lie

Image for Sky Sports reporter confirms Ibrox kit lie

Anthony Joseph has set the record straight over the latest Sevco strip mix-up. 

Over the last four years the Ibrox club has been plagued by kit issues with numbers falling off, names misspelt and team-mates wearing kit showing different sponsors. 

With the club lagging far behind Celtic in terms of retail income someone decided to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the club that was put into liquidation in 2012 when Her Majesty refused the offer of CVA after more than a decade of underpaying Income Tax through a variety of tax scams. 

A legends weekend featuring stars such as Kris Boyd, Barry Ferguson, Bilel Mohsni, Kevin Kyle, Paul Gascoigne and Nicky Kranjcar is scheduled for later this month with today’s match against Aberdeen deemed to be the time to remember the club that went out of business in 2012. 

Selling The Jerseys has been a common theme at Ibrox for years, this week the club has ramped up the 150th Anniversary Feeshel Tap while claiming that the recently crowned Champions of Europe would wear the kit against Aberdeen. 

Except no one informed the SFA or SPFL about the plan at the start of the season. 

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  • harold shand says:

    So they hyped up a strip for weeks that they were gonna wear for a fake 150 year bash , put up the price to £105 , and they didn’t even register it so the players had to take it back off before kick off . Is this right ?

    Tinpot club

  • John mcghee says:

    Thats why they didn’t wear it because they know deep down their a new club and only 10 years old and they even forgot to registered the white strip so thattells you how thick they scum are on the srvco 5088 eh they cant even remember if it was 150 years our 10 years who the fuck runs that new club at liebrox D.Parks our the man who told hmrc to refuse CVA so they get liquidated your 1 and only mr d.king from SA who payed 40million to the taxman so he diznae do anytime of the 82 years he was sentenced to dirty coward spent his kids saving to save himself fucking rats rat mr king.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Call out that cheating,fraudulent filth every time They know its only 10 years,the Sevco FA are participating in the lie ,scum on and all.

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