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Kenny Macintyre called out at he revels in ‘incredible atmosphere’

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Getting caught up in the excitement yesterday, Kenny Macintyre tweeted a short video clip of the ‘incredible atmosphere’. 

That will be the incredible atmosphere that had thousands screaming about the fantasy of being upto their knees in the blood of Catholics, a song that ‘Rangers’ fan Macintyre will know well as a lifelong fan of the clubs. 

Whether a BBC Scotland reporter had permission to share a video clip from his privileged media access is another issue. 

Anyone with a couple of years of experience of attending the Glasgow Derby will be well aware of the poisonous songbook from Ibrox supporters. 

You can either highlight and condemn the songs of hate or ignore them. Macintyre was obviously getting a buzz out of the incredible atmosphere which says everything about his journalistic values. 

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  • Frankie says:

    Macintyre and Boyd couple of tubes.

  • Bobby Russell says:

    To be fair he mentioned the atmosphere at the pre match build up. He’s still a hun bastard, mind you.

  • Bobby Russell says:

    To be fair he commented on the atmosphere at the build up. He’s still a hun bastard, mind you.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    I listened to the commentary in the car on the way home.
    Naked, unbridled bias on the BBC.
    It was all about them pushing forward, all the oohs n ahhhs were for their attacks, all the cries for shoot were for Sevco players, Packie Bonner shot down in flames for having an opinion they didnt like.
    For an organisation supposedly built on objective unbiased opinion, its an absolute disgrace.
    Not sour grapes at all, just couldn’t listen to it, it was like something straight off the terracing at Ibrokes
    Its high time action was taken to nip this and have some neutral pundits on so we can all enjoy the commentary..


    Unfortunately Bhoy4life you and me and countless thousands of people in Scotland are not meant to enjoy it . To the powers that be, the real power’ the Scottish Establishment, ‘We’ are ‘Thum’. And we do not need to be accommodated. We do not need to be here, or so the song says so what we need or want is immaterial.

    The phrase ‘ Scotland is a Proddistant (sic)Country’ is thrown about to justify the contempt and racism, not Sectarianism, and religious bigotry directed at us.
    The truth is that the Protestant faith in Scotland is , as is the Catholic faith, suffering a long, slow death. Numbers at attendances are plummeting in Churches and Chapels over the length and breadth of Scotland as each generation passes.

    What the phrase really means is that the organisations that associated themselves with the Protestant Church, the Orange Order, the ludges ( open to all faiths and none. Except if you’re a Catholic in Scotland. Masonic membership for Scottish Catholics is a rarity and generally only open to non practicing Catholics or for useful Business connections).

    Then there’s all your Rotary Clubs and Trades Guilds and Associations, Local Authorities and other Public bodies and Quangos and long established Family businesses that aren’t open to Catholics except in menial positions. No doubt they can all satisfy the Equalities Commission on numbers but there is always the dichotomy between the ‘ intent of the Law versus The Letter of the Law’. And they are past masters (sic) at obfuscation and ultimately they themselves are the arbiters of the Law. Then there’s the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Association. Needs no explanation.That is Protestant Scotland. Thats the networking that protects the real Protestant Scotland. Oh can’t be forgetting their useful idiot footsoldiers from Liebrox.

    So we don’t and never will matter in ‘ ra best wee bigoted country in ra wurld’

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