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London calling? John Hartson makes big VAR wish

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John Hartson has suggested that the SPFL bring in VAR officials from London. 

Today SPFL clubs voted through the introduction of VAR technology which will be introduced in December, following the winter break which ties in with the World Cup Finals. 

Much of the focus will now switch to who will be involved in VAR which in theory could be managed from outside of Scotland. 

VAR has been part and parcel of the EPL since the start of the 2018/19 season with a pool of trained officials familiar with the technology. 

Discussing the introduction of the technology on Go Radio, the Daily Record reports Hartson saying: 

VAR has to come in because it will help the referees. As long as we get the right people sitting behind the VAR. Maybe people that come up from London, who have not got any allegiances to any football clubs in Scotland. 

Because otherwise your’e going to have the same problems. You’re going to get decisions and people will be making all sorts of things up – ‘who does this guy support, where do his loyalties lie?’. 

It will go on and on, it will run. But I have to say Bobby Madden’s performance at the weekend was dreadful.  The referee – how many occasions should he have booked a player? Not just for Celtic but for Rangers. 

He let so many go there could have been a couple of sending offs. He almost chose to ignore it. 

Not much detail has been released about VAR although there has been some trial matches involving under-age teams. 

After four seasons of use in the EPL there are still regular controversies over decisions with Scottish football adding to the issues by bringing VAR in halfway through next season. 

CLICK HERE for SPFL statement on VAR

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  • KC67 says:

    Big John, like the rest of us, knows that the Lanarkshire refereeing Co. can’t be trusted to use VAR impartially. It’s a great idea to use the already trained and more importantly impartial experience of the guys down south.
    Its hard to imagine the usual suspects in the Scottish game operating VAR, you couldn’t trust them to be impartial. Sundays refereeing debacle proves that.

  • Jack says:

    I hope its not ex referees not from West of Scotland midden and his brothers have brought the game into miss Trust and if one team has been victimised by these people how can you put ex refs the people var need is people everybody trusts and they should not be named for the match especially sevco who intimidate people with bullets and bombs through post try set fire to stands after wee I’m yer pal ally forced name names for that reason intimidate them

    • Jack says:

      No masons either cause they took an oath so they think lie cheat as long as its to help the Mason brotherhood

  • David Tolmie says:

    Complete utter waste of money, noone can help Madden and his like utter incompetent, dreadful display Rogic is a footballer not a WWE Wrestler like bassey on Sunday, use the money on foreign officials

  • ian says:

    If they are masonic it will not matter where they come from.

  • Rianaldo says:

    You can have the VAR office in London. You might have a chance of a group of people with no allegiances and “no honest mistakes”.

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