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Report reveals new VAR sliding scale costs and vote date

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The SPFL winners will pay almost three times as much towards the cost of VAR as the team that finishes in 12th place. 

Various figures have been branded about regarding the cost of bring the SPFL out of the dark ages with figures of around £100,000 per club being quoted. 

That equates to two player salaries for many clubs but in a report from BBC Scotland a sliding scale will be applied that will see the SPFL winners pay for 16.29% of the costs with the two bottom placed clubs paying just 5.63%. 

BBC Scotland reports: 

All 42 Scottish Professional Football League clubs will vote on the proposal on Tuesday, 19 April. 

If approved, VAR will be used in Scottish domestic games for the first time after December’s World Cup finals. 

The 12 top-flight clubs will pay from between 5.63% to 16.29% each for the new system annually. Information regarding the estimated likely costs of the system, which will only be used by Premiership clubs, will be relayed to SPFL members prior to next Tuesday’s video conference vote. 

The resolution requires 75% of Premiership clubs, 75% of clubs in the Championship and 75% of League 1 and 2 clubs combined to vote in favour. 

VAR has been used in Europa League matches at Celtic Park and Ibrox this season then packed away out of use for domestic fixtures. 

Just six sets of equipment are required but the running costs of installing the cameras at grounds plus having a team of trained officials to liaise with match referees increase the cost. 

No Scottish referees were selected for the 2021 European Championships or for this years World Cup. 

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  • Rianaldo says:

    You would need to do a VAR on the guys in the room who are making the decisions. You would not want a similar group of “members of the Lanarkshire Referees Committee”.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol as you say no refs selected for the last Euros or this World Cup coming up,VAR isn’t going to help either as the HONEST mistakes will continue.
    As I said before show me an HONEST referee and I will show you a LIAR.

  • Jim says:

    No fear with Madden in charge. His record in Celtic v sevco games is clear.

  • Jhimmyt78 says:

    Who cares. Get it done! Save us a fortune when we don’t get the honest mistakes that cost us many a trophy over the years. Small price to pay for a level playing field.


  • George Bruce says:

    If championship and league 1&2 aren’t going to be using VAR. Then why are they voting on it? Am I missing something here? And yet again the two Glasgow clubs are picking up the tab for the rest of the spfl. Holy unfair surely?

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