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Should Celtic create a cinch archway for Sunday’s Glasgow Derby?

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It is one of the greatest ever examples of reverse marketing. 

The more that a petted lip comes out from Ibrox the greater exposure cinch gets for its sponsorship of the SPFL. Whether they have handed over a penny for a sponsorship deal that hasn’t been honoured isn’t yet known.

On Saturday at Motherwell half a dozen logos on a backing board went largely un-noticed as Graham Alexander carried out his post-match interview for Sky Sports. 

When Giovanni van Bronckhorst stepped in front of the cameras attention was turned to the white tape that suddenly appeared. 

All of a sudden cinch were trending on social media, reports appeared on websites without the SPFL sponsors spending a penny. The other firms on the backing board were ignored, not a mention anywhere. 

Since the cinch deal was announced they haven’t had any direct publicity at Ibrox despite having half a dozen logos plastered over that cherished Castore top, cinch was apparently one too many. 

Typically the SPFL have backed off from taking any action. Across four divisions 41 clubs are providing pitch-side advertising, a logo on their shirt sleeve and also a logo on backing boards for media interviews. 

Other clubs are missing out on money for the greater good of the league while Ibrox closes the door- and inadvertently provide cinch with far more publicity than they’d get from direct marketing. 

Should Celtic create a cinch archway for Sunday's match?

Yes, just for the banter, obviously

Yes, just for the banter, obviously

No, show solidarity with our O** F** friends

No, show solidarity with our O** F** friends

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  • Scud Missile says:

    The archway with cinch would be perfect.But no matter if they win the league or not sevco surely can’t get any money even for finishing in second place.
    Not showing the logo of sponsors of the league but holding their hand out for money,PONCES of the highest kind.

  • Seppington says:

    Archway plus big signs everywhere that say “This is a just a Glasgow Derby” just to piss the wallopers off…

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    A Cinch ark would be great.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    What a brilliant idea … make it face the tunnel though!

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