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‘Simply don’t carry interviews’ ‘Dougie spitting the dummy’ ‘It was @ScotlandSky who covered up’ Ibrox cinch/SPFL dispute comes to the boil

Image for ‘Simply don’t carry interviews’ ‘Dougie spitting the dummy’ ‘It was @ScotlandSky who covered up’ Ibrox cinch/SPFL dispute comes to the boil

Neil Doncaster’s hands-off approach to one club refusing to obey SPFL rules looks to have blown up. 

After 34 rounds of fixtures the cinch logo hasn’t appeared at Ibrox, not on the famous Castore Sport top alongside Tomket Tires or Sportsmongo, not on pitchside advertising or interview backing boards. 

On Saturday the most humiliating action yet was taken when Sky Sports taped over cinch logos on backing boards at Fir Park in case it upset the Ibrox high command. 

Cinch have picked up far more coverage from not being at Ibrox than they could have wished for but crucially have the contractual right to withhold funds due to breach of contract. 

This Sunday should have been prime time for cinch with Sky Sports providing saturation coverage of the Glasgow derby, the most viewed match on the fixture list. 

One club won’t go near them with a barge-pole, Sky Sports will want maximum access to Giovanni van Bronckhorst and his players- while Doncaster’s indecision over 35 matches comes to a head with lower division clubs braced for non-payment from a sponsor that they have promoted at every turn. 

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  • Scud Missile says:

    It’s nothing to do with Parks being a sponsor of the bigoted klub.Enterprise car rental are one of the sponsors for the Europa league that gets a plug on the boards and that’s because they know they can’t boss the people about in charge of European football.
    Let’s see if Celtic allow it to be covered up on Sunday as it is at our ground so we shouldn’t be taking orders from others what gets advertised and what doesn’t.
    If they want to spit the dummy out and not show for interviews after the game leave them to stew in their own mess,and let Sky explain it.
    Then people watching can see the pettiness of the bigoted klub.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Then we have the motherwell manager saying we should all be backing newco in europe ? . Aye right

  • Scud Missile says:

    It’s a nickel&dime league so you would expect the sponsors money to be the same nickel&dime..

  • Frankie says:

    At the end of the season don’t give them any money and split it between the rest of the teams who advertise the cinch logo and after the game on Sunday don’t allow the board with cinch on it to be covered over.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    All these masonic orange cunts are all in it together, not one thing will happen to sevco and the can do what they like at the Neely-dome. HH

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