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SPFL clubs set to vote on game changing development

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SPFL clubs will vote later this month on the introduction of VAR to the Premiership. 

Due to the voting structure if six clubs in League One and Two or three in The Championship vote against VAR the Scottish game will remain in the dark ages. 

Video Assistant Referees were introduced at the 2018 World Cup Finals and was instantly used in the EPL and other major leagues. Meanwhile in Scotland they have still to introduce goal-line technology. 

In February 2020 VAR was used in Europa League ties in the knock-out stage at Celtic Park and Ibrox, last season and in the current campaign VAR has been used in group stage matches then packed away. 

Discussing the VAR vote, the Daily Record reports: 

All 42 member clubs will be able to have their say with the resolution requiring 75 per cent of Premiership clubs, 75 per cent of Championship clubs and 75 per cent of clubs in Leagues 1 and 2 combined to vote in favour. 

If the resolution is passed the system is planned to be in place following the conclusion of the World Cup. That means that VAR could be in place in the Scottish top flight from December 18. 

Only six systems are required for full use in the Premiership with the running costs put at a variety of prices. 

No Scottish referees were selected for the 2021 European Championships with none involved in the World Cup Finals in Qatar. 

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