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The road to success is not downhill mate- Ange points the way forward in typical fashion

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Ange Postecoglou has delivered a cold and detached assessment of Celtic’s goals for the rest of the season. 

Rather than gunning for a treble the hoops boss takes a six point lead into the last five matches of the season with Celtic very strong favourites to regain the SPFL title. 

It is a prospect that couldn’t have been imagined back in September when Celtic picked up just 10 points from their first seven matches. 

Postecoglou has maintained the same measured approach throughout the season, insisting on the bigger picture at all times with short cuts never an option. 

Now the biggest prize in the Scottish game is within sight with the Celtic boss telling the Daily Record that it is onwards and upwards despite the setback at Hampden: 

The road to success is not downhill, mate. It requires effort every single step of the way. Sometimes you’ll stumble. We’ve stumbled a few times this year as a group and we’ve managed to bounce back quickly. 

That’s what we’ve got to do again but just because it’s happened in the past doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in the future. What you do know is we’re capable of it, we’ve used it the right way in the past, and we use this disappointment in the right way for next week. 

We’ve got five games to become champions so we have to perform well in every one, win those games and hopefully if that happens the players will get the rewards I think they deserve for their performances this season. Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall 

With another Glasgow derby coming up on May 1 the Celtic boss gets a quick opportunity to make amends for his side’s defeat in the Scottish Cup. 

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  • Charlie dee says:

    This is the trophy we wished for but it was the one Old Firmreally really wanted let’s get together and rally our team to one of the greatest league titles ever and celebrate it like never before in a dignified and enjoyable way God Bless Angie and Glasgow Celtic everyone to a man back them to the hilt and shut their rabid support up..Hail Hail

  • Charlie dee says:

    Post my comments please

  • Cairncross says:

    We beat ourselves in that match. If CCV had scored to make it 2-0, the game was over. Fine margins and an own goal.
    They think they have already won the cup and we know what happened the last time they did that, Hibs did 3-2. For the second time in their existence that have a chance to win the SC.
    If you had offered me a cup double at the start of this season I would have snapped your hand off.
    PS – They also think they have already won the EL, lets see what RB Liepzig think about that.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The pressure is on us now should that gap get cut to 3 points before we play our next game,them we will see who can hold their nerve after all we have been calling the sevco team out fir bottling things this season.
    It is now back on us.

  • Charlie dee says:

    At the outset of this season the league looked a remote prospect they thought it was theirs for the taking now we have the opportunity to rub it in their noses so everyone must back Ange and the team to a truly wonderful seasons end.

  • Cairncross says:

    Everything possible will be done to try and deny us the title. Moving matches, placing Beaton or even Madden again as the referee for our next match against Old Firm FC etc etc etc.

    We just need to focus on the opponent in front of us and beat them.

    Winning the title is the only way to shove it right up the whole cheating bunch of them.

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