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Bitter Boyd accuses Giakoumakis in his reluctant salute to champions Celtic

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Kris Boyd has delivered a reluctant salute to Celtic after Ange Postecoglou’s side clinched the SPFL title at Tannadice. The regular face of Sky Sports’ coverage of Scottish football was in a London studio covering other matches when the title was decided. 

The former Kilmarnock striker had Postecoglou written off on July 30, suggesting  in The Sun that he should quit. As well as leading his side to the Premiership title the hoops boss has been voted Manager of the Year by PFA Scotland and the Football Writers Association. 

Right now, if I was him I’d pack my bags and go. Postecoglou might as well hand in his resignation and take himself back to Australia. 

This is a guy who had to stew in a hotel room when he was required to go into quarantine when he first arrived in the country. Yet now he’s forced to wait for players who will have to go through the same process. 

Have Celtic not noticed? The league starts this weekend, but they are nowhere near ready to challenge Rangers for the title. 

A 31 match unbeaten run, winning the title with a game to spare and a goal difference advantage of plus 17 tells the tale of a side that fully deserved to win the Premiership title. 

In The Sun Boyd claims: 

All six of Celtic’s front men do a terrific job and the team isn’t weakened when any of them drop out. That’s a great asset to have and Postecoglou deserves huge credit for getting most of them to the club. 

Giakoumakis didn’t get quite the same credit as the Japanese forwards but for me he was equally important. Having decided to get himself fit during the winter break he played a big role. 

He returned with back-to-back hat-tricks and provided more competition for places. 

Giakoumakis didn’t decide to get himself fit during the winter break. From the moment he joined Celtic at the end of August he was trying his upmost to get match fit after missing the start of the season at VVV Venlo as he waited on a transfer. 

Moving on Boyd adds: 

Of course the Hoops rebuild didn’t come cheaply, with Postecoglou handed £25million. But he spent it well.  He brought players who fitted into his system and shared the same beliefs. 

That £25m didn’t fall out of a magic money tree. In July Kris Ajer was sold for around £13m, a month later Odsonne Edouard was sold to Crystal Palace for £15m. 

Edouard started three of Celtic’s first four SPFL matches. Postecoglou knew that he was almost certain to leave but got a tune out of the Frenchman then had to reshape his side at the start of September without Edouard and Ryan Christie. That is what management is about- managing players. 

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  • Sunny says:

    Cris boyd should keep his mouth shut . Because he will say lt one day because if Celtic win the league again next year he will say
    That our manager cheated , and took the whole Celtic squad down to the chapel and pray to our lady of Lourdes. And boyd will say
    That’s not fair that is devine intervention.

  • Dora says:

    Tip my cap to the mighty Glasgow Celtic—back where we belong…’Top of the league’ & Champions AGAiN..!! MAGiC!

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Baw Jaws….start to finish. Is there anything else to say except, Ha Ha,…Ha Ha… Ha Ha Ha Ha HA ha…sing along if you know the words…you too Chris when your finished vomiting !!!

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Oh…and here’s if you know your history… Just for you to cry over Baw Jaws….1978 King Billy wins league after rebuild 4 – 2 versus old Rangers, now extinct of course, except in delusional minds. My personal favourite as I got to watch it in real life without delusions.
    1988 King Billy does it again v the old rangers after “Souness “revolution…oops sing again, Ha Ha ,Ha Ha….join in Chris… 1998. A nobody who only managed in Japan, Wim Jansen…yep we remember, we shall remember…say hello, no sorry wrong song. Ha Ha , Ha Ha,…join in Chris.. the parallel’s are striking, but I wont bore people with any more history lessons…join in…If You Know your history, it’s enough to …,,,,,,

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Jeasus…it’s happened again…a man from Japan…. should have packed up and gone home….Ha Ha, Ha Ha, HA,HA,…Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha…..Join in Chris……..When yer done being sick, of course !!!

  • Dando says:

    I, for one, respect and cherish Mr Boydz opinionated demeanour.

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the ex Middlesbrough (reserve) & Kilmarnock striker just has to take heed that in his heyday he was better than the ex Barcelona & Manchester United striker Mr Larsson…..


  • Martin H. says:

    Boyd must be without a doubt, the biggest clown ever, that is supposed to be a football pundit, he’s right up there with Hugh Keevins.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    £25? So what? It’s not like extra funds confers any sporting advantage, is it?

  • Tam says:

    Mr Boyd’s opinion on football would be laughed at any where else in the universe.
    But not here in Scotland why because he praises “the rangers” at every turn

  • Andrew cook says:

    Kriss boyd is he insane i think he has mental ilness he seirousley should see a doctor honest

  • Scud Missile says:

    Imagine a guy that brushes his teeth with VIM giving out advice.

  • Pan says:

    These two guys are incredibly stupid so why waste any space listening to them.
    They are the archetype ‘speak before you think’ kind of person.
    In fact, I is debatable whether they can think.
    Who’s to blame for that?

  • Robert Downey says:

    Boyd proved wrong yet again, what he actually knows about football could be written on a piece of confetti.
    Martin O’Neil got it spot on when talking about pundits, Boyd is a classic case, bottom feeders who have no clue what they are talking about.

  • Martin says:

    So called pundit gone wrong!

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