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Champions Again- brilliant video from Merchant City

Image for Champions Again- brilliant video from Merchant City

Yesterday there was a boisterous celebration in and around Glasgow Cross involving something between 5-15,000 Celtic fans. 

No-one had a broken bottle smashed against them, no flower beds were ruined, no park benches destroyed, no statues needing repair. Scotland has been out of lockdown for a while now. True yesterday’s scenes were lively, alcohol was consumed, some bad language heard, some businesses closed early. Just like at many events, such as the celebrated Glastonbury Festival.

Today a couple of media outlets are adding their own interpretations, trying to create parallels to George Square being trashed twice last season. Their efforts are so obvious. 

This week there will be extensive media coverage in Spain and Germany of 50,000 plus fans visiting Seville from Scotland with some like-minded types from elsewhere tagging along. 

You don’t need extensive security information to anticipate what s about to unfold. Phrases like ‘Chelsea fans’ ‘Disabled and elderly fans’ ‘heavy handed policing’ and ‘lack of organisation’ won’t wash when the video clips from international broadcasters brings shame to Scotland.

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  • Dora says:

    THE most skummiest/poisonous klub on the planet, bar none!!
    Heard sevco have been hearded out to the outskirts of Seville—proper order from those who
    Represent the piggery…THE most despised/ugliest support deserve nothing less..!!
    Fun a huns

  • Dora says:

    *Fuk a huns!

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