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Ryanair put the boot in as they tweet about Rangers tears

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After the misfortune of transporting Ibrox fans to a variety of destinations this week the social media team at Ryanair have extracted some revenge. 

Social media detailed a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour across Europe as almost 50,000 fans decided to be in Seville for the final of the Europa League. 

It hasn’t been a pleasant time to be using airports but with most of the fans back home by today Ryanair looked on the lighter side of life. 

Eintracht Frankfurt had some excess baggage to carry back to Germany yesterday but there was a low key return to Glasgow for James Tavernier and his team-mates.  

Ibrox fans will be back in airports in August with two qualifiers to get through to make it into the group stage of the Champions League. 

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  • Tony B says:

    For once I am on the same side as Michael O’ Leary.

    Make them pay and then rub their shite smeared noses in it.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Had the TRAMPS won that cup the other night they would have heading to H&T Pawnbrokers to see what they could get for it.
    They will be scrambling about now trying to fit in some extra games before the season starts to build the coffers sorry coppers back up.

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