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Seville authorities take action as they send Ibrox fans to city outskirts and hand their centre over to Frankfurt fans

Image for Seville authorities take action as they send Ibrox fans to city outskirts and hand their centre over to Frankfurt fans

The authorities in Seville have taken their first step to ensure that visitors from the UK are kept as far from the city centre as possible. 

After refusing to open Ibrox to ticketless fans Stewart Robertson has been told that his fans are welcome to watch the game on big screens, believed to be imported from Manchester, at the Estadio Cartuja. 

An hours walk north of the city centre there is a nearby park where bears can do what bears do in the woods without too much conflict or interaction with the locals. 

In contrast Eintracht Frankfurt fans will be given the scenic area around Prado de San Sebastian which is close to the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium and 15 minutes from the city centre. 

That subtle move will send the fans from Scotland out of the city centre with Eintracht fans able to claim Seville in much the same way as Celtic fans did in 2003, without any arrests.

Around 50,000 fans from each club are expected to travel to Seville for the match with each club allocated 9,500 tickets for the 40,000 capacity stadium. 

Last night delighted bears piled in to buy tickets for the beam-back with the system crashing. It is believed that a large number of tickets have been snapped up by fans from Croy, Coatbridge and Garngad. 

Colin Miller is the European Football reporter for The Mirror and author of The Frying Pan of Spain with 35,000 Twitter followers.

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  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Put the screens up in the himalayas for they orange bastards, HH

  • Tony B says:

    Good enough for the manky skanky shitting in public yahoo huns.

    I would go further and surround the chimpanzees with a ring of steel comprised of special forces armed with tranq guns CS gas and live ammo; tasers, rubber bullets and water cannons should also be in evidence. N.B the huns particularly hate water since the smelly ones never wash.

    The water will be particularly useful to clear away the filth they will invariably leave behind.

    I predict a riot.

    Mon the Franks!

  • Dora says:

    Plastic bottles, crayons and plenty of toys to keep the wangers support occupied but they will eventually fight omongst themselves but that’s allowed and to be expected from such a popular support…what a klub!

  • Dave Ramshaw says:

    Act like shite they treat you like shite.

    Feel sorry for this beautiful city having to out up with these hun arseholes

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