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The tweet that will forever haunt Alex Rae

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Kris Boyd takes most of the flack after his infamous welcome to Aaron Ramsey at the end of the January transfer window. 

Back at the end of January all seemed well in the world as ‘the most successful Welshman to play in Scotland was announced with tears of joy in the Sky Sports studio. 

The former Portland Timbers ace could hardly be more excited, struggling more than usual to get his words out as confirmation was given that the SPFL Premiership title would be remaining at Ibrox. 

Two nights later Rambo Ramsey watched, alongside Boyd, as Ange Postecoglou’s side destroyed that idea with a comprehensive hiding as Celtic moved into top spot in the SPFL Premiership. 

As ever, as a loyal Number 2, Rae was in the slipstream in his gushing praise for Ramsey, apparently the most successful Welshman in Scottish football according to the Reading assistant manager. 

Ramsey leaves Scotland without scoring 100 plus goals like John Hartson, he never played in a win over Barcelona like Adam Matthews and never scored the winner in a Glasgow derby like Joe Ledley. 

None of Celtic’s famous Welshman ever took a penalty in the Europa League or appeared as a regular pundit on Radio Clyde’s Super Scoreboard. 

Rae was given undeclared remuneration of £569,000 by Dave Murray for his 34 appearances for the old Rangers club prior to liquidation.

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  • Stev says:

    Rae is twat of the year. Most successful welshman?has big John and Joe ledley not got more medals than him? Oh and Tom Jones has played in Scotland more.

  • MrStein says:

    Joe it’s about time you sorted out some of the garbage printed in this paper, who the hell writes this stuff without fact checking ?



  • Frankie says:

    Beaver puss Rae this must be the most dredged piece of brainless advert for a pundit, same as his sidekick Boyd with the felt sewn into his head.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Alex Rae as wee Quark from Deep Space 9 the most ugliest guy on the planet.
    Look at those lugs he should be jailed for walking about with them, they look like a couple of walkie talkies.

  • John mcghee says:

    Mr cheating ebt Alex rat Rae is just a wee horrible man who thinks he is a hardman but he’s nothing but a bitter scumbam who hides out the way in glasgow because he knows he’s not liked just like his rat friend Boyd pair of clowns only on sky because sky is full of huns so they can hide theirs lies about there club dying in 2012 ranjurs 1872 liquidated forever and never to come back..RIP SCUM CLUB

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