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Two former referees call on Willie Collum to bow out at the top

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Two former referees have called on Willie Collum to step down from refereeing. 

The Lanarkshire based referee took charge of his first Glasgow derby in October 2010, yesterday he refereed the Scottish Cup Final for the fourth time. 

There were no major controversies but in typical fashion Collum gave a high number of baffling decisions that seemed to upset both sides in equal measure. 

At the age of 43 it is unlikely that Collum will walk away from a very lucrative part-time job with little known about how referees are assessed by the SFA. 

Picking up on a podcast by Steve Conroy and Des Roach the Daily Express reports: 

Conroy said: “Inconsistent decisions later on in game were reflective of his fitness and his reading of the game. It was two games too far for Willie at the end of the season.” 

While Roache said: “For me, as much as the final was relatively incident free I thought Willie Collum got the small infringements wrong. That irritated the players. 

“He looked heavy legged as the game progressed and did not look not look as fit or sharp as required. It was experience that got him through the game. I think the Arbroath game and the Cup Final were too much – he should bow out at the top.” 

Collum was selected to referee at the 2016 European Championships but was dropped after the first batch of matches. 

In the season just finished he was restricted to Europa Conference and Europa League matches, there were no Champions League ties but having taken charge of 50 matches this season it is difficult to see Collum stepping aside. 

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    No wonder they want him to step down, he might make a mistake or 2 but he’s in a very small minority that doesn’t yield to Sevco….makes sense they want him gone..more games for Beaton/Walsh and Madden eh?

    • PJ says:

      Jeeezzz no. Willie is still a much better ref than Madden or Walsh and especially Robertson. How so many people in Scotland and around the world who watch the SPFL know the names of referees is because of the shocking standard of refereeing that they display. I used to think it was bias but it’s just low standard albeit it doesn’t help when they go into certain bars which are recognised with being synonymous with a particular team.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Can’t stand that wee man but it would suit them if he chucked it then all the hun masonic cunts would have more of a free reign cos there will be no catholic refs at all, not that that wer prick ever done us any favours. HH

  • John mcghee says:

    Not just collum.loyalist beaton.dallas.Muir.Robertson.Walsh.Mclean.bobby madden. and plenty more Scottish football is corrupt for the blue half scum surely theirs someone in the media that will stand up to corruption you have masons freemason getting their say in our game so that board at paradise should open the mouths aswell but they all involved in it Scottish football is a joke honest its time to clean up and sack the lot at hampden sfa.spfl sevco the only club toget liquidated in 2012 and after a year the lies started they got put down the leaguesas wee Griffiths said yer club is deed beat it…

    • Seppington says:

      The press won’t say anything about the masonic refs because they’re all drinking buddies doon the same ludges. The only way this gets better (and even then it’s unlikely) would be the final and complete death and eradication of all things “Rangers” in this country. Until that day comes then this b.s. will continue long after you and I are in our graves….

  • Lee Gallagher says:

    Never in my life have I ever heard former refs tell a ref to retire I think this is bullying at its best. Me personally I think all Scottish referees should retire because there not good enough & u can’t have a ref or refs refering an old firm Darby when it’s well public knowledge that 1 or 2 of them support 1 of the teams & it’s well known that these refs a rangers fans they have said so themselfs. & When we have VAR next season it should be people used by nutrul’s or if there going to use Scottish people to use it then they should be named for the right reasons people have the right to know who the men behind the curtain are

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