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Watergate latest- Thirsty Bears finally get the result that they wanted from Seville

Image for Watergate latest- Thirsty Bears finally get the result that they wanted from Seville

Six days after losing the Europa League Final in Seville Ibrox fans got the result that they wanted- a statement. 

On Thursday morning rather than look at the chronic defending of Connor Goldson, Ryan Kent’s deplorable scoring record or the feeble penalty taken by Aaron Ramsey the thirsty bears had a bigger priority to deal with- WATERGATE. 

Responding to a call from Derek Clark on Rangers Review fans swamped his Twitter account with tales or dehydration. 

After having water bottles and battery packs removed the Elderly & Disabled Loyal discovered that there was barely a refreshment kiosk available to fans of Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s team. 

Tear-jerking stories emerged of fans spending time slurping water from the toilets to stay alive although strangely video footage seems to be thin on the ground. 

One fan revealed how they requested a soft drink or water for their elderly father to take with medication only to be offered a hotdog. Unconfirmed reports claim that stewards only spoke Spanish which seems to have pushed the Ibrox club into issuing this Statement: 

Our fans went to Seville and wowed locals with colour, noise and positivity and showed the true character of Rangers. Although the result did not go our way, we will remember the build up to the match with great fondness.  

However, we have major concerns around the treatment of our supporters at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium, including the confiscation of previously approved and agreed items that were confiscated by the police and a lack of appropriate facilities within the stadium including the lack of bottled water or indeed water in the toilets which understandably caused severe distress to many supporters in the stadium. 

Rangers FC are in dialogue with both UEFA and Football Supporters Europe (FSE) regarding the issues encountered by our supporters.  

Supporters wishing to make a complaint to UEFA should be aware that UEFA has no direct grievance procedures for supporters.  We would recommend that supporters contact FSE via their away supporter’s survey which can be accessed HERE. 

FSE are an independent, non-profit association of fans recognised as a representative body on fan issues by UEFA and are submitting a full report on the experiences of supporters in Seville. 

Additionally, any supporters who have not yet shared their experience with the club and wish to do so, please email slo@rangers.co.uk by Thursday 26th May, of which a summary will be shared with UEFA. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Whether that statement will be enough to get the match replayed remains to be seen. 

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  • KC67 says:

    With Sevcos record of sectarian and racist chants, the last thing you think they would want is bringing the UEFA spotlight on them. This isn’t the SFA/SPL they’re dealing with.

  • BTID says:

    I wonder if I will get a reply.


    My night was ruined I only planned for 90 minutes so the extra time and penalties and post match celebrating meant I ran out of Guinness and had to go on the Jameson .

    Hail Hail .

    We never stop.


  • Dando says:

    I’d like to make an official complaint after downing 15 pints of non alcoholic beer I then had to endure a large donner kebab with salad… I specifically told him no salad.

    I would therefore request a full refund of my £1690 and that the game be replayed with the The Rangers starting the game 2-0 ahead !!!!!!


  • Pan says:

    They don’t do evidence at the bigot dome, do they!
    This is a statement, hence no question mark.
    Why should anyone believe tax dodgers and their lying band of media partners?

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Maybe there were no “Tap…as”

  • Stephen Smyth says:

    Pity the hordes don’t have the same thirst for knowledge ,then maybe they could realise when their getting taken for mugs

  • Dinger says:

    No we know what it means to go on the piss with a sevco fan

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      All the while bazza was downing beer in the same stadium. Any update on any sfa action regarding the celtic employee getting his head split open at the cesspit of hate ?

  • Tony B says:

    ” Our fans showed the true character of rangers ” ( sic ).

    They certainly did… ” We hate Catholics ” sung with gusto in a Catholic country.

    This is who they are and no amount of spin or obfuscation will change it.

    Disgusting and shameful and not mentioned in the Scottish media with the honourable exceptio of Stuart Cosgrove.

    So long as no one calls it out, they are all complicit; Cowan, Shearer, and all the so called “decent” fans.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Infamy infamy they all have it infamy.

  • BriBhoy says:

    The stadium was clearly not big enough to host this final and the facilities/water thing really does need looking at. People could have been hospitalised or worse. There were kids at that game too and it could easily have been one of them, not to mention a vulnerable adult.

    However, in looking into this and trying to learn lessons from it, you have to look at the role played by everyone. Maybe if some of the same fans complaining hadn’t spent the whole day drinking alcohol (which dehydrates you – especially in that heat) and if stadium staff weren’t assaulted by some of these clowns as they were trying to get water to the kiosks to restock them (as has also been reported) the situation may not have been as bad.

  • MR J P TOLAND says:

    I was in Seville in 2003 at the game and had drank for 4 days solid. It was beer I was looking for at the game that day. I think everyone was!! ?

    Heard it aw noo!!

    HH ????

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