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BBC Scotland recycling their Morelos Moonbeam Mania

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BBC Scotland just can’t resist a story that makes the Ibrox Tribute Act appear big time. 

So much so that Saturday’s moonbeam about Alfredo Morelos joining Sevilla has resurfaced again today!

On Saturday obscure Spanish publisher Fichajes were deemed to have the biggest story of the day, this morning the lads at the state broadcaster have gone for the same story in The Sun (Sevilla swoop for Morelos).

The substance of the Sevilla story is a PR piece by Betfair in which they pin the tail on the donkey over where Morelos will be playing next season. 

With a place assured in the Champions League group stage for next season it is safe to assume that Sevilla will have their sights set higher than someone that has never scored 20 goals in a season after five attempts in the SPFL. 

In January Morelos can sign a pre-contract agreement to quit Ibrox, as can Ryan Kent, Joe Aribo, Ryan Jack and Filip Helander but that’s not the type of story that BBC Scotland would want to share. 

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On Saturday morning, June 18, BBC Scotland were pushing a similar yarn from obscure Spanish publisher, Fichajes

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  • Scud Missile says:

    A nickel&dime story from a nickel&dime corporation.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Well, it wouldn’t be a normal transfer window without wild speculation about Morelos’ next club!

    Today the DR has him sold to Seville for £7M,
    whilst The Sun has him sold for £8M AND for Euros 8M in the very same article!

    Presumably, Morelos’ agent has used all the speculation/valuation nonsense over the years to re-negotiate his contract?

    The same options prevail: Morelos out on loan, or he’s staying put for next season.

  • Gordon Herriot says:

    I’ve said all along that it is the Scottish media that is building up this hype about Alfredo Morelos – where’s these £25m+ bids they continually spout about. They’ve done it with Ryan Kent, Glenn Kamara and now it’s Calvin Bassey!! In all honesty Rangers would be lucky to get £10m for any one of them.
    By the way where is this transfer war chest that the board have said is available to GVB?

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