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Desperate times over Alfredo Morelos price crash

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A little known Spanish journalist has added fresh life to the so-called transfer race for Alfredo Morelos. 

A tweet from Gonzalo Tortosa has convinced the gullibles into believing that there is genuine interest in the chunky Colombian although the 8m euros transfer fee isn’t meeting with approval. Tortosa has less than 4,000 Twitter followers after 10 years on the platform.

Seeing the tweet picked up elsewhere Tortosa retweeted:

Tortosa seems to do some work for El Chiringuito TV but there is no sign on their website of the Morelos scoop. Possibly due to the fact that the source of the Sevilla link was a PR stunt by Betfair guessing at the next club of the crocked striker. 

That story was picked up by most Scottish media outlets once they had realised that there was no follow up to claims that Calvin Bassey was the subject of interest across Europe with clubs from Italy and England ready to bid £25m. 

Morelos is now into his 10th Ibrox transfer window, and still waiting for the first non-moonbeam bid to land. 

With a year left on his contract there is no chance of Morelos’ transfer fee matching the Dembele Dollars that Celtic got from Lyon four years ago.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    In any other country with journalists fit for purpose, the questions being asked would be, just why do no clubs whatsoever want to buy any of their players and why aren’t the club spending any money bringing in players year after year after year?

  • Gordon Herriot says:

    Alfredo Morelos has been good at times, very good on occasion, but is never a £15m+ player. Too much of a liability due to his temperament! And Calvin Bassey £25m get away!! He has had an excellent half season and that does not justify such a hefty price tag!! Going on that Anthony Ralston must be worth £25m+ at least he was consistently good all season.
    Cast your mind back to not so long ago when we were calling for Bassey to be binned!!

  • Gerry says:

    8 million calories ( not euros) is what he eats by the last pic I seen of him.He is El Hippo. HH.

  • Dave Ramshaw says:

    10 windows and not a serious offer for porky, why?

    Maybe the fact that he’s

    A) not that good.
    B) allegedly a bully who never managed a goal against Broony (a REAL bully)
    C) a liability, see B.

    Over rated, over priced and far overweight.

  • Doug Gregory says:

    Past his peak

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