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Ibrox messengers quick to gloat as Doncaster and 11 clubs capitulate in cinch dispute

Image for Ibrox messengers quick to gloat as Doncaster and 11 clubs capitulate in cinch dispute

Neil Doncaster and 11 SPFL Premiership clubs have some serious questions to answer today. 

Typical of the lack of leadership and backbone in Scottish football no explanation will be given as they prepare for another season cowering from the mythical blue pound. With one club handed a financial advantage, not burdened by a four year sponsorship deal that hinders their rivals.

A year ago, after a season without any commercial firm willing to put their name against the tarnished goods that is the national game, cinch were introduced as the saviour. 

With multiple sports sponsorship deals in place across England the car sales firm could hardly believe their luck at what was on offer. After paying out £10m a year to have their logo on the sleeve of the Spurs shirt they were getting blanket coverage of SPFL football for five years for less than a season on the Tottenham top. 

The jewel in the cinch SPFL crown was to be four Glasgow derbies broadcast live by Sky Sports. Every single action picture from the match would feature their logo, there would be pitchside advertising and all pre and post match interviews would be against a backing board featuring their logo. 

Unfortunately one SPFL club had a petted lip for the deal, they refused to play ball, to the extent that masking tape was required to cut out the cinch logo when Giovanni van Bronckhorst gave a post-match interview to Sky Sports at Fir Park, Motherwell. 

While 11 Premiership clubs gave up advertising slots that they could have benefitted from the Ibrox club simply said No and did their own thing. 

Doncaster’s leadership skills were demonstrated a decade ago as he tried everything to change the rules then settled for the shoddy Five Way Agreement. No club has had the courage to publish the different set of rules that applies to one club in Scottish football. 

Rather than punish the member club that refused to conform Doncaster, with the backing of his Board of Directors, and no doubt the Celtic hierarchy, decided to negotiate a new deal with cinch with 11 Premiership clubs giving more away to ensure the same payment from the sponsor. Or nearly the same payment. 

Meanwhile at Ibrox they have a patch on the shirt free to sell on to sponsors plus backing and pitchside boards to sell for more than the pittance that their Premiership competitors pick up from cinch. 

The gloating Ibrox messengers were in full flow last night, led by Andy Newport of the Daily Record:  

The Light Blues have blanked obligations to display the second-hand motor dealership’s logos round Ibrox and on their jersey sleeves, claiming it breached an existing arrangement with club chairman Douglas Park’ s own car firm. 

But Record Sport understands the new arrangement negotiated by SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster – and backed “overwhelmingly” by top-flight clubs – which now removes the contractual obligation from Rangers to parade cinch emblems will not prevent the club from receiving their cut of sponsorship and prize money. 

Jonny McFarlane of Rangers Review couldn’t contain himself, proving that ‘new’ media can be even more obedient that its predecessor: 

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  • John A says:

    Bankier and Co are the same as lawwell. Let those f@#$ers do what they want.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Unbelievable. They still get prize money for not taking part. What next? Sevco will be allowed a 10 point start at the start of the season?

  • Scud Missile says:

    As the advert goes I’m Luvin It all you season book holders at Celtic Park getting the piss ripped right out of you and you deserve it.
    Our fans are the THICKOS not sevco with Doncaster and Co the other clubs in the SPFL and our board are full of FANNY’S.
    So it would have made no difference had sevo won the league last season because all this FUSS about cinch ribbons not being on the league trophy was all just a smoke screen then because sevco would have refused it going on.
    Scottish mugs in a Scottish nickel&dime league with all clubs supported by stuntmen for Trigger from Only Fools and Horses(that’s the dafties for those who don’t get it).
    So as they say take a day off give it break and start to boycott the games all games including the Home games.
    Oh and don’t shoot the messenger that would only be yourselves in TOTAL DENIAL.

  • Justshatered says:

    The real question to be asked here is “How much is too much ?”
    At what point is someone going to any enough is enough.
    Now if the SPFL is saying that The Rangers have a valid case then it begs the question why was this agreement entered into.
    If the SPFL are also now saying that The Rangers are exempt but still get a financial slice of the pot then that should be unacceptable to the other clubs becathat would men they are getting the same money as every other club but still able to sell that space on their shirt to another sponsor.
    If The Rangers have a valid case then someone at the SPFL needs sacked and if the SPFL have capitulated then someone needs sacked.

  • harold shand says:

    Jonny was a Hibs fan a few year ago , now he’s a Rangers* fan

    and people actually listen to this guy ?

    Deary me

  • andrew mcdowall says:

    Newco has spat the dummy outa the pram but why no punishment for the newco club will the sponsors take them to court & the SFA ? let’s just wait & see they the newco are happy to take the cash but they don’t want to show the sponsors shocking ?

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    The Celtic board ought to hang their heads in shame.

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