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Keith Jackson joins the Sell Aribo campaign

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Keith Jackson has joined the rapidly assembled campaign to sell Joe Aribo. 

The midfielder has 12 months left on his Ibrox contract with fears growing that he could run his contract down exactly as he did three years ago at Charlton. 

Far fetched claims of interest from EPL clubs has all originated from Scotland, accompanied by ambitious claims of a bidding war and £10m plus being banked by the hard up Ibrox outfit. 

Aribo has been on the same wages since he arrived at Ibrox in 2019 while Kemar Roofe and John Lundstram have been awarded contracts worth more than £40,000 per week. Aaron Ramsey was a team-mate last season. 

Sharing his concerns about the Aribo situation, Jackson tells Daily Record readers: 

That Aribo clocked up 57 appearances for the club last term is indicative of his enormous importance to this Rangers team. 

But with the likes of Nottingham Forest and Crystal Palace forming an orderly queue outside his agent’s office, it does feel as if the Nigerian international might already be on borrowed time inside Van Bronckhorst’s dressing room. 

There is some good news here, however, for the Ibrox boss even if Aribo does turn out to be Premier League bound. For starters, if three or more clubs from England’s top flight are all at the table at the same time then a bidding war is likely to ensue which means Rangers might get away with allowing him to wind his contract down to this point. 

If they can rake in a fee in excess of £10m for a player they bought for buttons then it can still be marked down as an astute piece of business and such a windfall will also give Van Bronckhorst a fighting chance of getting out of this window with his own ambitions for next season intact.

Also, it could be that he has a replacement for Aribo already inside the building in the shape of the outrageously talented teenager Alex Lowry. 

Lowry started three matches last season and made four substitute appearances. It is quite a leap for the teenager to step up and replace a mainstay under Steven Gerrard and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. 


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  • Bhoy4life says:

    But they don’t need the Aribo money after the squillions the euro run generated and the massive undisclosed fee for NP….????
    Why the mad rush for another few million???

  • Allaboutceltic says:

    Ah bless…poor wee SMSM desperately trying to mount the biggest useless bunch of wannabes for Dembele & Tiereny dollars. Just a pity of the amount of “ifs & buts” in their sales pitch. They’ll be extremely lucky to get over £5m for all their star players on the final year of their contracts. If they don’t drop down their prices soon, these players will run down their contracts and they will get the square root of Hee haw for them. That should see Hector and the bailiffs sniffing around the letterboxless door of £brokes??

    “Outrageously talented Lowry”???


  • Tony B says:

    More pishful thinking bollocks for the benefit of the gullibillies, the dumbest fans in football.

  • BriBhoy says:

    Keith Jackson? Isn’t he the same guy that believed that Motherwell is some sort of production line for billionaires with “off the radar wealth”? And isn’t he the same guy that, a few years later, then did a full page spread pointing out how gullible people were for ever believing that Craig Whyte could possibly have been a billionaire from Motherwell? Not on the basis of any thorough, forensic, investigative journalism though (a quick online check of Companies House records and a few court papers would have been enough ffs!!), but on the basis of the cheap suit and shabby shoes he was wearing when he waltzed in to take over at the Asbestos Dome. The guy’s a total fanny.

  • bertie basset says:

    they’ll be passing the hat round again to keep the lights on !!! chortle

  • harold shand says:

    Q . How do you know their skint ?

    A . When the Daily Record’s doing ‘ Exclusive ‘ interviews with Greg Stewart to tell the orcs Scott Wright’s yer man

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