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‘Rangers’ will be in a good place financially- The Alex Rae Analysis

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Alex Rae has revealed that ‘Rangers will be in a good place financially’ with the club ready to launch their fabled Player Trading Model. 

A month of constant speculation about clubs joining the race for A, B and C alongside clubs joining a bidding war has yet to produce a single bid for any of the Europa League runners-up. 

The optimum time to sell a player is when they have two years left to run on their contract, last summer there wasn’t a sniff of interest in Alfredo Morelos, Ryan Kent or Joe Aribo. 

Those players plus Ryan Jack and Filip Helander can sign pre-contract deals in January but according to Rae the big money bids are about to pour in. 

Discussing the impact of selling players to the Daily Record, the former Radio Clyde pundit explained:  

It would get the trading model up and running. Whether they want to cash in on all three? That would be a stretch. But it would allow them to spend potentially £20million plus. 

I see this as a good opportunity for Rangers. Nathan Patterson was the start of it last year. The Ibrox board can’t keep picking up the tab. With Patterson’s sale and the European run, Rangers will be in a good place financially so the question is: how many will they let go? 

You can’t sell all three – Aribo, Kent and Morelos – unless you have really good targets in mind. If you sold all three, you’d be looking at bringing in fortunes. So you could actually go and pay fees Rangers haven’t been able to pay recently. 

They could go for £7m or £8m players and look at potential returns of around £25 million. Good teams are freshened up every three or four years. 

You can’t just keep going with the same type of players every year. So freshening it up could do them the world of good. Remember, this is Gio’s first real transfer window. This is when we get an idea of what Gio can bring to the table 

Earlier this year Sports Direct settled their long running dispute with the Ibrox club for breach of contract while Dave King was chairman, an indication of that pay-off is likely to be found in the lack of incoming transfer activity. 

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  • Justshatered says:

    The financial situation is always rosey if you only look at money coming in.

    However if you start with the basic fact that the organisation is losing almost £1M a month and having to fight litigation left, right, and centre as well as having to pay off a long standing legal case which you’ve lost then things may not be as good at “The Big Hoose “.

    It is that negative side of the balance sheet that no one in Scotland ever wants to talk about regarding the Ibrox Club(s).

    Editor: Indeed, income is far more pleasing on the eye. Losses were virtually £2m/month during 20/21, not all down to Covid. Income also brings running costs, gate money should have 20% VAT deducted, etc etc.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Looks like Rae’s financial advice skills match his footballing skills !

    Any recipient of a Rangers FC EBT has some nerve talking publicly about financial matters.

    But, to be fair, that is a great photo of Rae chewing a wasp. 🙂

    • Dora says:

      That pic is my personal favourite too..
      Looks like a charmer!

      • Scud Missile says:

        That is my favourite photo of wee Quark from Deep Space 9 and making comments like sevco are good health finance wise he makes Gaza sound intelligent.

      • Bigmick says:

        I don’t think it’s fair on the rest of
        Scottish football that The Ranjurs can call on Rae’s financial wizardry while every other club has to stump up for ordinary accountants and mere marketing experts.

  • Tony B says:

    Some kind person should take Nosferatu’s “wee moosie” off him.

    He’s clearly doo lally.

  • harold shand says:

    Mental how a month ago this eejit and everybody in the media up here couldn’t stop talking about how much they made getting to the Europa final . What was it £40 – £50m ?

    Now no mention of it anywhere , nobody’s asking if it’s getting spent on players

  • Gary Brophy says:

    Poor wee golum. He’s one of the reasons its a new club yet the orcs still pander to him. Its like having a 3 legged dug and kicking the poor thing everyday yet it still comes and cuddles in at the end of the day.

  • Frankie says:

    Now wee beaver puss is a financial guru absolute clown.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Thought this clown didn’t come out till the early nights came back?
    Aye ther in that good a position ther resigning geriatrics and looking at frees all over the place whilst having the Daily Retard trying to flog tjer dross for lottery numbers.
    A laughing stock of a club, nothing more nothing less.

  • bertie basset says:

    their worried !!! chortle

  • Alex Burnett says:

    The Delusional Alex Rae for once talks a good game the only problem being it falls down around his shoulders when there are absolutely no bids zero, nada income which makes any new financial strategy impossible to work,…., please enough about how Bayern, Real Madrid and Inter Milan are all interested in wee fat Alfie for £100m

  • David McDowall says:

    aliens have invaded the daily record, well that’s more believable than the stories they are reporting about The Rangers signings and sales.
    And the earth is square.

  • KC67 says:

    Egor must have had his shoes and socks off to count that lot up.

    • Jack says:

      Dream on alex can you not beleive your own eyes u and your fellow pundits are all coming out with the feelgood factor people know they have there reporters and never say die pundits to mske things alright but its not supporters know you will not tell the truth what a weasel

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