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Sky Sports kills off Morelos’ dream move to Sevilla

Image for Sky Sports kills off Morelos’ dream move to Sevilla

After a 10 day run Sky Sports have put the boot into the farcical claim that Alfredo Morelos was a transfer target for Sevilla. A price of £7-8m has been quoted with zero substance. 

The striker is now into his 10th transfer window without any bids being put in despite speculation that clubs from almost every county on the planet keeping tabs/ lining up bids/ preparing to make an offer. 

In an effort to generate some business Betfair produced an article listing where Morelos is likely to be playing football next season. 

Out of thin air Sevilla were chosen as favourites followed by Aston Villa. That generated a few articles from Scottish publications, follow up tweets with one equally desperate outlet in Spain deciding to take it seriously. 

That outlet has been quoted in Scotland over the last 24 hours but bursting a bubble this afternoon, Sky Sports admitted: 

Sevilla have not made an £8million offer for striker Alfredo Morelos, Sky Sports understands. 

The Spanish club have been linked with the Colombian and a Seville-based sports news outlet reported that they had submitted a formal bid for the 26-year-old, who is in the final year of his current deal at Ibrox. 

Hyping up the striker in July 2019, Sky Sports claimed: 

Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos has turned down a lucrative £30m contract offer from Chinese Super League club Hebei China Fortune, Sky Sports News understands. 

The three-year deal would have seen the Colombian earn £10m-a-year before tax. Sky Sports News understands Hebei were willing to match Rangers’ valuation of the striker, believed to be in excess of £15m, although no official bid was received. 

With a year left on his contract and no real interest it looks like Morelos will complete six years at Ibrox next summer then walk away for no fee, not even a Dembele Dime. 

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  • Tony B says:

    The Pishful thinking has exceeded it’s sell by date on this one.

    What fresh bollocks for the deluderino gullibillies?

  • John S says:

    Sky Sports’ Understanding Department has a new office boy. He’s still learning.

  • Edward Murison says:

    Clubs allways screaming out for strikers world over not one of them interested in el buffalo shows you not 1 club rates him.so that makes his transfer value is exactly zero cudnt give him away they kno he dirty player who gets away with murder slippy won’t touch him with barge pole rem him saying wouldn’t accept 50 million for him can’t get 50pence for him even winds down contract he be left nowhere to go and sevco cud be forced to give him extension and pay rise just Tey recoup sum money funny tho ibrokes sold for pound star player can’t get couple pounds for him prob thot cud rebuild team money they wud receive for him and 25 million bassey same not one iota of bid coming in for him either never mind dads army signed up so that will please fans they shud be used to it by now where did all money go for sold out season tickets face painter shameful reporting from daily rag bou time they printed truth no players b sold generate cash because nobody wants any them and mcgregor was offered mega bucks from middle East he wud bin first at chek in airport but great news for rest league tho goals be raining in past him bombscare had his finest hour down n Hull sevco has given him final curtain call my oh.my.how mighty have fallen n players were shown in they’re games Europe that convinced them nobody worth a cent don’t despair get couple loans in players that’s left nobody wants ha ha ha

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