Preparations already underway for full stadium Celtic Tifo

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Preparations are underway inside Celtic Park for Sunday’s full stadium tifo ahead of the SPFL opener against Aberdeen. 

The last time that the Green Brigade undertook such a task was in May 2017 when the celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions at the final home match of the season. 

It is now almost a decade since the famous Tifo against Barcelona set the scene for one of the biggest nights of the century when Neil Lennon’ side humbled the Catalan giants. 

Putting together a full stadium Tifo ad getting it on display at the same time requires a lot of organising- five days ahead of Flag Day the Green Brigade are already inside the stadium putting their plans into place. 

Sunday’s match will be televised by Sky Sports at their peak 4.30pm slot taking the Green Brigade display to an international audience. 

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  • Jack says:

    Going to be a great spectacle good on celtic allowing green brigade to do this I hope that means nowbthey have got respect from our board they can cut out the flares and polytechnics and banish those with in there section stop it or find another area cause they won’t be allowed to do it anywhere else not only stupid dangerous ut makes it difficult for asthma or anybody with breathing difficulties ruining there night

  • Jack says:

    Just wish it was on Saturday first game in spl spl sold out to sky champions should always start of the season with raising the flag as champions sky shouldn’t have a say in this game it should be set in stone instead we just have a normal spl game on sat degrading spl just hope Celtic_fc_1888 and there fans put on an unforgettable show hail hail

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