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Stevie G’s fine list revealed with Villa players charged for forgetting birthday cakes!

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As he prepares for his first full season in management without the safety net of Scottish referees Aston Villa fans have been given an insight into the mindset of Steven Gerrard. 

A fine sheet from the club has been released which will have been run past the first team manager who would almost certainly have been involved in drawing it up. 

Treating footballers as adults would seem to be the best way to ensure the right mindset in order to drive them towards successful results. 

What impact a £50 fine for forgetting a birthday cake has on a dressing room full of millionaires is difficult to establish. What process was involved in coming up with the list will probably concern Villa fans after Gerrard’s bang average results last season. 

10 wins, 5 draws and 13 defeats is grounds for concern among supporters, a repeat of that record in the season ahead and some questions might be asked about the management myth that is Stevie Gee. 

There is no fine for leaking club documents or dressing room comments from the club management.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    tbf….maybe if they behaved like adults a fine sheet like this wouldn’t be required…they obviously don’t..an insight into the over paid couldn’t care less entitled lifestyle of professional footballers.

  • the maister says:

    It is all going to be downhill for Stevie from Liverpool. That is documentary proof of the trajectory that he is on. Utter garbage!

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