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The very strange Court Case of Parks of Hamilton v Rangers Football Club

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Twitter this afternoon highlighted what appears a very unlikely court battle. 

The club from Ibrox seem to be forever embroiled in legal actions but one against the company that is owned by and bears the name of their Chairman is quite something. 

No details of the case seems to be available but ‘CA54/22 Park’s of Hamilton (Holdings) Ltd v The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ has a head-scratching feel to it. 

Since March 2015 Douglas Park has been a director of the club founded by Charles Green in 2012, when Dave King walked away in March 2020 Park became acting chairman, a position that he retains. 

In 2012 Green gave the transport contract to Bruce’s Coaches but in July 2015 Parks were back at Ibrox on the back of King’s takeover. 

Recently the Ibrox club were able to get out of the SPFL’s sponsorship deal with cinch by claiming that it contradicted a contract that they have with Parks. 

With news of a dispute between the club and the travel firm that cinch get out looks even more questionable. Douglas Park also has a substantial shareholding in Hamilton Accies.

CLICK HERE for Scottish Courts and Tribunals, 23 June 2022.

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  • Mark Barrett says:

    So, ‘Rangers’ lose this case to Park’s of Hamilton & settle on compensation of £2m. ‘Rangers’ say we’re out of pocket & blame the SPFL due to the cinch deal which has cost us £2m so we’re looking for compensation. Wouldn’t put it past that lot!

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Scottish media seem to have missed this one…strange…wonder why?

  • Gerrymac says:

    John James site had this story last Monday.
    Interesting times we live in.

  • Torky56 says:

    Maybe Douglas Park knowing how badly in debt the club are, is suing to get his soft loans back before they go into administration and a subsequent liquidation. Of course I’m saying this with tongue in cheek but it’s clearly not a small matter if he’s using his main business to take his own club to court. That club are a shambles and are being allowed to hold a gun to the head of the rest of Scottish football and the governing bodies are letting them away with murder.

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