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Three racist Ibrox fans fined over Kyogo abuse

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Three Ibrox fans have been fined for racist abuse of Kyogo Furuhashi. 

Last August, at the first match in over a year that away fans were allowed to attend, Ibrox Season Ticket holders were balloted for the match away to Ross County. 

A Sunday 3pm kick-off avoided setting off to early but the events on one Supporters Bus from East Kilbride was to go viral and create headlines while the match was going on. 

By Sunday evening the video footage had reached the mainstream media, today those involved paid the financial price as The Sun reports: 

THREE Rangers fans who sang racist songs about Celtic striker Kyogo Furuhashi have been fined a total of £1,550. 

Ian McKenzie, 31, Mark Speirs, 27, and Dylan Devine, 26, were all filmed chanting about the 27-year-old Japanese footballer. 

They were on a packed Rangers supporters’ bus travelling from East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, to watch the club’s clash with Ross County at Dingwall last August. 

McKenzie was recorded singing ‘Furuhashi ate my dog, ate my dog. He sliced it, he diced it, he put it in a wok. Furuhashi ate my dog, ate my dog’ while punching his arm in the air. 

Speirs and Devine were captured changing the shape of their eyes to ‘mimic someone of Asian descent’ while singing ‘let’s all do Kyogo’. 

Footage was uploaded to social media where it went viral and led to a police probe after complaints were made. 

It is unclear whether the three fans involved attended any of the rehab classes set up in 2019 at Ibrox as part of the Everyone Anyone PR stunt for fans caught making racist comments or actions. 

A week after the Furuhashi incidents hundreds of fans marching through Glasgow city centre were given a police escort as they sang The Famine Song. 

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Currently sitting having a cup of tea trying to fathom out how singing songs about a Japanese player’s ethnic background is found bang to rights racist yet week in week out Irish people have racist songs sung about them and not only is no action taken but no mention is made in the media?
    The media here happily report the “racist” singing against Kyogo…Irony isn’t their strong point.
    Maybe they’ve made a huge error here and the songs about Kyogo were in fact only sectarian?
    Only in the best wee country in the world eh?

  • Frankie says:

    The ignorance from the ignorant what does anyone expect.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Wow, used the words “Rangers Fans” not Football/Chelsea/ Millwall/ Aberdeen fans in Rangers shirts

  • Justshatered says:

    Permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace.
    Iain Archer’s phrase was written for days like this.

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