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Amazing new pictures emerge of Celtic’s Flag Day and Tifo

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Five days on from the event and you feel that you’ve seen every possible picture and video of the Tifo that greeted the Champions at their first home game of the season. 

Celtic and Sky Sports were quick onto social media to share their video clips of the full stadium Tifo to capture the atmosphere of the day. 

Fans also uploaded and shared their images but one particular fan/photographer took his time, was highly selective then on Thursday night decided to share some of his images on Twitter. 

Perched on the top tier of the Lisbon Lions Stand, Patrick McGuire manages to produce professional quality pictures from the views familiar to supporters. 

While the professionals are in a trench behind the goal his panoramic view captures Stephen Welsh’s header almost as well as the defender, outjumping three defenders to nod Celtic into the lead before racing towards the Green Brigade with his team-mates not far behind. 

With brilliant sunshine, a colourful stadium and the passion of 60,000 fans McGuire somehow manages to capture the scenes that bit differently from others.  

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