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Barry Ferguson takes Celtic obsession to new level

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Obsessed Barry Ferguson just can’t get Celtic out of his mind. 

At the start of the year the Alloa boss sent out a very physical team to roughen Celtic up in the Scottish Cup with little attempt to play the ball. Within a month Ferguson was mutually consented back into his full-time career in the media. 

Last night as he watched the Tribute Act enjoy a 3-0 win over Union SG Ferguson’s thoughts switched to the champions and a comparison with one of their top men. 

Picking up on his appearance on Go Radio, Football Scotland reports Ferguson saying: 

Ryan Kent wasn’t on the top of the game. But he’s like Jota at Celtic, when he plays he occupies two players. They were doubling up all the time and that’s exactly what happened when he received the ball. That opens gaps for other players. 

On September 3 Ferguson will be able to directly compare the two wingers, last season Kent scored three goals, Jota joined Celtic on Transfer Deadline Day and scored 13 times. 

During the summer Jota signed a long term Celtic contract, Kent will be a free agent in May.

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  • TicToc says:

    That’s the way Joe, show up huns like Ferguson and Boyd, who are now, er, em ‘media pundits’ and repeat their inane crap.
    I’d just love to see what “Spittin’ Images” could do with those two muppets!

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