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Celtic All or Nothing on Amazon Prime? Callum McGregor gives his verdict

Image for Celtic All or Nothing on Amazon Prime? Callum McGregor gives his verdict

Callum McGregor has ruled out inviting the cameras into the Celtic dressing room for a fly-on-the-wall series. 

Arsenal are the latest club to come under scrutiny with some strange ideas from Mikel Arteta being aired on Amazon Prime as a season that ended in disappointment is broadcast to a curious audience. 

The generation of reality TV has spurned a number of these documentaries, the demise of Sunderland was carefully chartered while Brendan Rodgers won’t ever shake off the image of having a life-size portrait in his home. 

Hearts had a heavily watered down version on BBC Scotland a few seasons ago but the prospect of a blockbuster look inside Ange Postecoglou’s first season in Scotland was passed up with fans just afforded the traditional views from inside the stadium or watching media conferences conducted by Zoom. 

McGregor has seen it all in 20 years bhoy and man at Celtic but outsiders will just have to take his word about what happens behind closed doors- and away from the cameras.

Discussing former team-mate Kieran Tierney’s role in the Arsenal documentary All or Nothing, McGregor told the Daily Record: 

He’s some man, isn’t he? He’s come across really well and it’s good to see him so prominent in the changing room. I already knew he would be, but it’s nice to see him coming across so well on the programme. His patter is still half decent, he’s quite lively! I’m not sure I’d fancy a fly-on-the-the-wall job with the cameras up here though! 

Next Thursday McGregor will be watching closely as the Champions League draw takes place as he leads Celtic back into the big time. 

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  • Breed the head says:


    Personally I didn’t like the comment about Rodgers

    I know for fact that he went to Lawwell 3 times looking to improve the team and was told No.
    What did your dad tell you about the board same old same òld never part with a penny and my grandad and great grandad said the same.

    Rodgers went too Desmond and said me or Lawwell it was written in his contract if a team matched the compensation agreement he could go but Lawwell tried to double bluff Rodgers in by leaving now instead of the end of the season but Rodgers didn’t care.

    The player’s knew the the truth and family friends it can’t be talked about because Rodgers wrote on a confidential document he couldn’t discuss so that’s why Johnny Hayes and Damien Duff left and wanted John Mcginn.

    Lawwell should be chased out of celtic Park because he’s only interested in him self and making money for Desmond and the likes.

    They don’t çare about Europe and our custodians of our club and the supporters they don’t give a Donald ducked.

    It’s funny how our board never question sfa spfl media police and make out we’re the bad one’s.

    But because of the supporters and fergus mccann we wouldn’t be where we are.

    Our board are cheats liar’s deceivers smoke and mirrors 5 way agreement resolution 12 just the ones we know about.

    Ì don’t trust any of our board members ànd everyone down from them we should have teninarow instead our board got bonuses dividends and profits and shares.

    Spineless Cowards Cheats arrogant that know nothing about the ethos of our club morals principles instead he’s taken 23millionfor the time he’s been here.

    Lawwell White’s Kelly’s and the likes just want the supporters money and put our greatest manager in the pools and treated the lisbon lions with contempt in the early years that shows what our board are truly like and yet some supporters say they’ve deserved all the money they’ve gotten and receive every plaudit that’s been given.

    • TicToc says:

      Breed the head, that’s a terrific, heartfelt comment with which I agree wholeheartedly.

      I could feel your pain and have felt the same exasperation over almost everything “Lawwell”.

      If he’s allowed back, in ANY position other than cleaning the lavvies after a new huns game, there’ll be righteous anger and rebellion at CP.

      Those whom agreed with Lawwell are either mentally dull or terminally stupid.

      Or, of course, they’re on the make like he was.

      Great comment, and keep at it. There’s much more to come out from CP and, regardless of repercussion, we should get the Truth out for all to see.


      • Breed the head says:

        Thanks I struggled myself when Rodgers left 2 people told me the the truth and there’s other stuff that you wouldn’t believe.
        In the 90’s when throwing Mars bars at the Kelly’s and White’s went to the protests and decided I’ll just go to the away games give them nothing while they were lying and stealing the supporters money .
        I think of the player’s gone by and how the lions were treated Jock Stein and the pools job instead of being on the board.

        I just think of all the people player’s mangers put that put there all in making Celtic world renowned and the supporters who create the best atmosphere on the planet while our past and present boards steal lie and betray everything gained and never defend but criticise belittle the very supporters and the club being attacked by everyone condemned by the sfa spfl media police.

        Fergus Mcann wouldn’t miss any of them
        Our board are jellyfish no spines Cowards traitors Greedy pigs in grey suits Dermot Peter ze huns can slurp all they want out the ze huns loving cup
        The judases that they are.

  • Darren Nicholson says:

    Fly on the wall camera’s have no place at Celtic park. It would only harass the manager, players and staff. And it will give away the secrets that should stay unseen. Big Ange is not going to allow camera’s in his office, changing rooms and training facility. Will not happen.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    What’s said in the dressing room should stay in the dressing room – but if any cameras were to be allowed in the last in the universe should be BBC SCOTLAND !

    Jeez the twisted lies that’d be portrayed isn’t worth even thinking about far less contemplating !

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