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Celtic’s Ross Barkley interest gets serious

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Respected Chesea source Simon Phillips has claimed that Celtic have made an offer to sign Ross Barkley on a permanent basis. 

Over the last week there has been a couple of mentions linking the player with Celtic but with 300,000 Twitter followers almost exclusively drawn from Chelsea fans Phillips has no issue with credibility. 

With a year to go on his contract and his career appearing to be side-tracked Chelsea are keen to move Barkley on with no future at Stamford Bridge. 

Barkley was one of the rising stars in the EPL when he moved from Everton to Chelsea in January 2018 for £22.5m but many others he lost his way in London. 

At the age of 28 he already has 33 England caps but has been out in the cold since November 2019 with no prospect of a World Cup place. 

Whether Celtic can put together a deal to appeal to Chelsea would be a major issue- after that it looks like there is plenty of EPL options open to the midfielder. 

CLICK HERE for Barkley’s Transfermarkt profile 

CLICK HERE for Barkey’s England record

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  • yerman says:

    Think it will never happen. Wage demands will be far too high for Celtic.
    At 28 years of age i believe he will be looking for financial security as his career moves past the middle section. Would have been a good addition, no question.

  • the maister says:

    Bit of a long shot that one! A promising young player who signs for a top of the table EPL Club and loses his way. Why would Celtic be interested?

    • Alison Livingstone says:

      Because he is a good player and we want good players.

      Unfortunately, he is well out of our price range both for transfer and wages.

      A non starter.

  • the maister says:

    It is a “Non Starter”. We have loads of good players! So why would Celtic be interested in a kid who has lost his way and is signed up to a EPL Club?

  • the maister says:

    He may well be a good player, in your opinion! But Ange has plenty of good players and has said he is only interested in a very good player, who could make a difference over the course of the season! But he definitely wouldn’t interested in a “Non Starter”. That’s for sure!

  • the maister says:

    Maybe you’re just a Hun chancing your luck?!

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