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Damp squib! Ibrox media partner backs fireworks attack on PSV Eindhoven hotel

Image for Damp squib! Ibrox media partner backs fireworks attack on PSV Eindhoven hotel

One of the administrators on the Follow Follow message board has been sharing a video clip of what appears to be fireworks being set off in the middle of the night outside of the hotel that PSV Eindhoven are staying in ahead of the Champions League Play Off at Ibrox. 

It was hardly a WELCOME TO HELL style intrusion for the PSV squad, the fireworks seemed to have all the impact of a cap-gun. 

PSV fans probably had a laugh at the attempt to upset their players, next week in the Netherlands they might have something more memorable lined up. 

Winning the Play Off is probably worth around £20-25m, the losers will drop into the Europa League groups with a schedule of Thursday/Sunday fixtures up until the November World Cup break. 

CLICK HERE to read the reaction on Follow Follow.

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  • Tony B says:

    I hope PSV show the gullibles some real fireworks on the pitch.

    Pump the sevcvnts in both legs and they won’t be setting off fireworks for a while.

    And I’m sure a WARM welcome will await them in the return leg.

  • Frankie says:

    How desperate is the huns fear.

  • John Copeland says:

    Tonight at Ibrox,will be a right old orange occasion! In fact it will be more orange than Kenny Miller’s dodgy boat race! More orange than the amount of orange trees in Orange county, in Orangetown!

  • Steven R says:

    Oh, dear!! The weans are upset that their carers took away their crayons, and there were nae big windaes tae lick!!

  • Michael Conway says:

    Come on psv fans find the hotel sevco are staying in & show them an all night proper fire work display

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