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Idiotic! Even Kros Boyd is calling out paranoid McCoist

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When Kris Boyd calls you idiotic it really is time to take stalk. 

Underneath the cheeky-chappy persona Ally McCoist is a very angry and nasty man as the directors and groundstaff at Raith Rovers would confirm. 

Feeding off and generating paranoia is McCoist’s trademark, then he steps back, cracks a gag and lets other deal with the repercussions. 

Taking his lead from the moon-howlers on social media as soon as it was announced that PSV Eindhoven were having a match postponed they were screaming for the same treatment from the SFA even though it was a matter for the SPFL. 

Normally at this stage of the season Scottish clubs are looking for more matches to prepare for European ties- disregarding all logic McCoist has been saying the opposite with even one of his former players pointing out his stupidity.  

In his Sun column, Boyd explains: 

SOME people claim it would be sensible to postpone Rangers’ match with Hibs next weekend. I’ve got the opposite view on this idea — it would be IDIOTIC. 

News of PSV negotiating a free weekend between the Champions League play-off ties led to calls for Rangers to do the same. 

Can someone please explain why this would be a good idea just two weeks into the season? Seriously, I’ve never heard so much nonsense in my life. 

My stance on this debate is simple — play the Hibs game and get some vital minutes into the legs. You have to applaud the KNVB for allowing PSV to postpone their match with Volendam. 

It was only a few weeks ago the Dutch giants were slaughtering the association for making them play the Johan Cruyff Shield 36 hours before flying to France to face Monaco. 

The KNVB have allowed PSV flexibility this time and if boss Ruud van Nistelrooy thinks it will help his team, he’s entitled to take it. But I don’t see why Gers would need — or want — the Hibs game called off. 

No Scottish club has ever had a match postponed to give them extra time to prepare for a UEFA qualifier. 

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