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Paranoid John from Shettleston lights up Clyde SSB

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It seems that the combination of winning a European tie and a couple of days of sunshine isn’t the healthiest of mixes for Ibrox fans. 

A few months after overdosing on toilet-water from Seville it seems that delusions are flying high again as their club attempts to join Celtic in the group stages of the Champions League. 

Throw in PSV Eindhoven getting a free weekend while Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side travel to face Hibs at Easter Road and it presents a predictable response stirred up by legendary former boss Ally McCoist. 

Perhaps reading from a script John seemed to think that Scottish football should be on its knees paying homage to the Europa League runners-up. 

When it came to FACTS! He lost it completely as he blamed the SFA while Feyenoord were given assistance by the Dutch league. Perhaps if he listened a little more and read more closely he’d realise that the SPFL arrange fixtures with PSV Eindhoven due at Ibrox next week, not the Rotterdam club that sacked van Bronckhorst in 2019. 

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  • Nick66 says:

    It’s the Sevco callers that make it worthwhile listening. The absolute paranoia and lack of any actual knowledge of the game is priceless.

  • the maister says:

    Kenny Miller, BBC Scotland Sportsound co-commentator on mid-week ECL Qualifier duty, must think that English Grammar is a posh school somewhere in England. He has not got a clue how to put across verbally at all. Embarrassing to listen to. I am no expert, but it made me cringe just listening to his floundering commentary. He was in England one time, I will bet, will be his only English qualification!

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