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Radio Clyde presenter highlights the falling revenue of proposed Sky Sports telly deal

Image for Radio Clyde presenter highlights the falling revenue of proposed Sky Sports telly deal

Last night The Guardian broke the news that a Sky Sports and the SPFL were close to agreeing a four year extension to their current exclusive contract. 

The headline figure is £29.5m a year in the new contract, up on the current £27.5m but the detail is significant. 

Last season Sky Sports didn’t bother to take up their full allocation of 48 matches, the new contract provides them with access to 12 more matches which reduces the cost per game. 

It is well known that the SPFL gets a pittance back from Sky in comparison to their EPL contract, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea deliver bigger audiences but nothing like the disparity in the figure that Sky pay for the EPL rights with BT Sport also having a share of that market. 

According to an article in The Sun last year the Norwegian League is paid £61.7m a season, in the Netherlands clubs split £71m for their telly rights.

There are a few sweeteners to the deal such as clubs being allowed to offer five matches per season on PPV but as Steven Mill of Radio Clyde points out the deal actually cheapens the value of live SPFL matches. 

On Sunday Sky Sports will show Kilmarnock v Celtic with a 12 noon kick-off.

CLICK HERE for Steven Mill’s Radio Clyde profile.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I hope if they take the deal ,Sky will spring for an upgrade on their red TV presentation box! 3or4 people crammed together like sardines in a tin ,makes for uncomfortable ,cheapskate viewing. Also when smiler Boyd is there, its like 4 people in a telephone box, Spanx or not.

  • SSMPM says:

    Just say no, its easy really. Trash presenters presenting trash coverage while promoting their favourite football cheating club and sectarian discrimination.
    Sick of hearing about the 4 old firm games a year, there’s is no such thing as the old firm, more lies and misrepresenting of the truth.

  • TicToc says:

    Agree with the above 2 comments.

    Why on Earth, when everything is costing more and more would ANYONE give Sky a discount, as that’s what it is. Oh wait, Doncaster……well there’s one major problem right there. I binned Sky about 20 years ago on principle and, on principle, would never have it back. Murdoch ruined global football when he spotted an opportunity to cash in on it and I’ve hated the bastard ever since.

    Anyway, NO to Sky, NO to Doncaster as CEO.

    On another note, to Joe McHugh and anyone interested. It may seem pedantic but where huns are concerned accuracy is paramount. On another thread Joe mentions 2 Ibrox clubs when the infamous, disgraceful 5(6)-Way Agreement was fraudulently arranged, with Lawwell being the 6th. There was only ONE club, that which is now in Liquidation and ONE new company, Sevco. Sevco had no right to be admitted to any level of Scottish football as it had no footballing history. It was an ‘off the shelf company’.

    That same company has NEVER become a football club, just a tribute act. It was called Sevco Scotland Limited for its 1st EVER match vs Brechin on 29th July 2012. Sevco changed its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited 2 days AFTER the Brechin match. NEVER LET THE SCUM FORGET IT!

    Editor: I was the shareholder that asked smug Pete about the 5 Way Agreement at the 2019 AGM, he laughed back that he had never seen it. While he lurks around with his buddies on the Remuneration Committee the issue will constantly be brought up on this site.

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