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SFA are the reason behind Ross County telly blackout

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The TV Blackout of Celtic’s match at Ross County today is entirely down to the SFA. 

Across Europe there used to be an embargo on 3pm Saturday kick offs but that was relaxed in 2020 during Lockdown with UEFA dropping that restrictions as fixtures were played behind closed doors. 

Last season Scottish clubs were able to sell matches on Pay Per View to fans in the UK but the Scottish authorities have blown the final whistle on that with less than 2,000 Celtic fans having tickets for today’s match in Dingwall. 

Russell previously worked for STV and Motherwell and is now Marketing Lead at West Ham. 

Whether the decision is driven by Sky Sports isn’t known but it isn’t ridiculous to suggest that Ross County could have sold 10,000 passes at £10 a time for today’s match. 

Celtic TV will show the game to subscribers outside of the UK and Ireland. 

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  • Ulysses Gunt says:

    .. can you remind again why , if I take a subscription to Celtic TV , I can’t watch the match I’ve paid for , Live ?

  • John Copeland says:

    The fans are the lifeblood of any sport! We all know the game at Dingwall will be a sell out give or take, and again our Governing bodies are working like Troglodytes.The cowboys who run the game of football in this country, are as useful as washing your new suit in the bath .

  • the maister says:

    Sky Sports have the broadcasting right for Premiership matches. So if they followed their broadcasting norms, the game would have been shown live and that would have meant Celtic supporters in Glasgow pubs watching the game while at the same time as Deadco have a home game. That’d be why they probably why they didn’t want to show it live! CelticTV will show a replay of the game from midnight.

  • the maister says:

    Or at Kilmarnock!

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