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Square pegs in rounds holes as Kris Boyd slaughters Gio over Union disaster

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Kris Boyd has joined the critics of Giovanni van Bronckhorst on the back of the Champions League defeat from Union SG of Belgium. 

Last season the former Kilmarnock striker was praising van Bronckhorst at every turn as a series of freak results took The Tribute Act to Seville to deflect from the pain of losing the SPFL title to Celtic. 

A week ago the Ibrox boss was being praised for his Imaginative Signing Policy but after being humbled in Belgium every aspect of his team selection and tactics are under fire. 

Boyd normally goes out of his way to avoid criticising anything Ibrox related but with the Champions League group stage looking unlikely he has accused van Bronckhorst of trying to force square pegs into round holes. 

Writing in The Sun Boyd explains: 

Van Bronckhorst has been praised for his tactical flexibility in Europe, and rightly so. But, there were far too many square pegs in round holes against Union Saint-Gilloise last Tuesday. 

It is always easier in hindsight to pinpoint, but I’m sure even Gio would look back and accept he should have done things differently. 

The performance was as bad as I’ve ever seen in the past 12 months. They were terrible, at best. The Allan McGregor and Steven Davis situation also continues to baffle me. 

Two players tried and tested in win-or-bust matches at the highest level. If the club don’t see McGregor as the No?1 keeper, why is he still at Ibrox? 

His body is programmed to perform week in, week out. Putting him in for one game here and there won’t cut it. 

The goalkeeping debate will keep cropping up. I’m just not comfortable with the situation, and that is nothing against Jon McLaughlin. 

If Rangers wanted McGregor to hang around and help the youngsters then he should have gone straight into coaching. I still believe he has a part to play and it is as the first-choice keeper. 

Boyd will be in the Sky Sports studio on Tuesday night watching the return leg action. 

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  • John A says:

    Dry your eyes mate

  • David McDowall says:

    I wouldn’t listen to Kris Boyd on how to hoover a carpet never mind anything to do with football, after all Kris made a career out of being a serial LOSER.

  • FSTB says:

    WOW he really laid into him there
    Don’t hold back monster munch .
    Then again I’m sure he would have said similar had Ange’s celtic had performed as badly .
    I’m away to A&E now to get my tongue removed from my cheek

  • Frankie says:

    Not loving gio anymore more faces than the town clock round holes square pegs triangle slices rectangular blocks, what a tube remember his great quote Rambo best signing since the wife beater gazza.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Square pegs in round holes would normally mean players played out of position was that what happened ? Or were they just outplayed on the night shattering the sense of entitlement. Again i will say it is the tv and press who give the likes of the ayrshire mensa a platform who should be jailed for cruelty.

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